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Right sized solutions for small and midsize firms! 

At CGP we only work with law firms with less than 250 people total. Your firm does not need big law complexity, long term contracts, giant budgets, or solutions that create more work for your already busy team. We frequently come in to help unwind complicated and expensive solutions that work great in big law, but not for firms your size. The majority of Clear Guidance’s clients are law firms - we don’t just support law firms, we know them inside and out. We look at every aspect of your firm’s operations, including risk management such as cyberinsurance.


In-house expertise in legal IT, cybersecurity, and operations (HR, (e)billing, accounting, strategy and more). We offer our services on flexible terms, with no long term contracts. We can fill interim roles, provide outsourcing of key functions such as only billing, or even come in and assess parts of your operations.

Team model vs staffing - each team at Clear Guidance works in small practice groups, so you are working with a team familiar with your firm, lead by a CGP partner. This also avoids the drawback of staffing where one person can be out sick, leaves the company, etc. and suddenly you are back to square one.

CGP focuses our cloud services around Microsoft Azure, avoiding the high risk and lock in from private clouds and shared datacenters. Azure provides your firm with industry best security and the flexibility to scale up and down monthly with your firm's needs.

We approach everything with a security first mentality. Due to growing security threats and attorneys’ ethical obligations, firms and their clients’ data is under constant threat. Our robust cybersecurity combined with our cyberinsurance expertise helps make sure your firm is covered end to end. Our team includes licensed insurance agents as well, so we make sure you firm has the right policies and coverage, and help with the renewal process.

Frustrated from dealing with an account manager or vCIO who can’t make any real decisions? A law firm always has a partner available for clients, and so do we. Clear Guidance is a true partnership, and each practice group is led by a partner with in depth experience and the ability to get things done for your firm.

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