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AgileBlue combines the power of AI-enabled cybersecurity with the human touch you trust. Our Security Operations Center (SOC)|Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform is designed to detect cyber threats quickly and accurately across your entire digital infrastructure and cloud, providing you with 24/7 monitoring, detection, and response.

Our technology is both intelligent and automated, but we take a custom approach for every client we work with, analyzing and detecting exactly what matters most. Our products are entirely cloud-based with advanced machine learning and user behavior analytics, all supported by our U.S.-based team of cyber experts.

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    Cerulean SOC|SOAR Platform

    The Cerulean SOC|SOAR Platform Includes:

    • SOC- Security Operations Center-as-a-Service
    • SOAR- Security Orchestration Automation and Response
    • SIEM- Security Information and Event Management
    • EDR/XDR- Endpoint Detection and Response and eXtended Detection and Response
    • Vulnerability Scanning
    • 24/7 Incident Response

    Cyber Risk Score


    1. Cyber Risk Score
    2. Network Monitoring
    3. Cloud Monitoring
    4. Application Monitoring
    5. Kubernetes Monitoring
    6. API Security Monitoring
    7. Incident Response
    8. Managed Security
    Operations & Management

    A video walkthrough of our Cerulean SOC|SOAR platform.

    Operations & Management

    Partner Program Guide

    A guide to our partner program.

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    Operations & Management
    Operations & Management
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    Embrace the Future. Secure Your Present. AI-enabled cybersecurity with the human touch you trust.
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    Gunnar Stinnett
    Gunnar Stinnett
    Vice President of Sales
    Gunnar Stinnett has 25 years of experience collaborating with customers to solve complex IT challenges, ensuring their success while developing long term relationships. His professional background includes working with C-level IT executives at companies across diverse industries including Legal, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, High Tech, etc. Fun fact: Gunnar’s father, Charles Stinnett, served as President of ALA from 1995-1996.