Schedule Overview

Titles are up to date as of March 6; subject to change.

Date10-11:00 A.M. Central11:30-12:30 P.M. Central12:45-1:15 P.M. Central

Get Ready!

Tuesday, March 26

  • Welcome 
  • Volunteer Handbook Accelerator: Fueling Success in the Fast Lane
  • Financial Velocity: Navigating the Numbers
  • Chapter Turbocharge: Unleashing the Power of Essential Resources
  • Bylaws Rally: Racing Through the Governing Lanes of ALA

Breakout Sessions

  • Interested in leadership
  • Less than five years of chapter leadership
  • Seasoned chapter leader

Get Set!

Wednesday, March 27

  • Welcome
  • In the Driver's Seat: Steering Through Fiduciary Responsibilities and the Role of HQ
  • Put Your Meetings in the Right Gear
  • Connect and Conquer: Fuel Success with Online Communities
  • Educational Overdrive: Achieving Chapter Excellence in Programs and Learning
  • Easy Street: Mastering the CLM Approved Provider Program

Breakout Session

  • Interested in learning more
  • President, President-Elect, Vice President
  • Secretary, Treasurer
  • Other leadership positions

Here We Go!

Thursday, March 28

  • Welcome
  • Not Just a Pit Stop: Creating Your Leadership Legacy
  • Event Enthusiasm: Member Attendance Strategies
  • Member Momentum: Igniting Engagement Around Every Turn
  • Pole Position: Navigating the Updated President's Award of Excellence and other Chapter Awards
  • It's a Marathon Not a Sprint: Leading Other Volunteer Leaders

Breakout Session

  • Education
  • Business partners
  • Website and social media
  • DEIA