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What's Happening at Headquarters January 2020

There's always a lot going on at ALA headquarters. Here's a snapshot of what's in store for the coming weeks.

Oliver Yandle Announces Departure from ALA

After his seven-and-a-half-year tenure with ALA, Oliver P. Yandle, JD, CAE, announced he is resigning as Executive Director. The ALA Board of Directors accepted Yandle's resignation effective January 31, 2020, and the Board will commence discussions to appoint new leadership. 

“Over the span of seven years, Oliver has successfully led ALA in the achievement of numerous strategic goals by establishing organizational and membership support structures and helping focus the Association's efforts on enhancing member benefits and value. He has assembled and developed a quality staff that is well positioned to continue ALA's work,” says Board President James yandle-oliverL. Cornell, III.

“As we work through this transition, we are confident that the combination of our volunteer leaders, professional staff and business partners will continue delivering the exceptional knowledge, networking and resources that ALA is known for and that the entire legal management community expects,” adds Cornell. “On behalf of the Board and the entire ALA community, we thank Oliver for his dedication, strategy and creativity he brought to his role. We are a better Association for it.”

Yandle joined the organization as Executive Director in July 2012. He will remain at the Association through the end of January 2020 to ensure an efficient and effective transition of duties.

“It has been an honor to lead this Association with such a rich history and bright future," says Yandle. "Working with a passionate and dedicated membership, an expert staff of association professionals, an outstanding Board of Directors and an engaged community of business partners has been an absolute privilege.”

Get the Early Bird Rate

The early bird registration deadline for the 2020 Annual Conference & Expo is February 14. Don’t miss your chance to save as much as $400 on four days’ worth of education and networking. lm-jan2020-atala-early-bird3

This year’s big event will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah, from May 3 to 6. The following featured speakers have already been announced:

  • Catherine Sanderson, PhD, speaking on the science of happiness and positive psychology
  • Danelle Umstead, a blind professional skier who “lived the impossible” and won three Paralympic Games medals
  • Kevin Hines, a brain health advocate and suicide prevention activist with advice for building a mental wellness toolkit

Review the Web-Based Course Schedule

ALA’s web-based courses are available through the internet using the WebEx/live interaction platform, and they present the latest content in two topic areas in a framework that combines a live instructor with self-directed learning. These include:

HR1: Employee Selection and Promotion

Registration is open for the course running January 16-February 20
Registration opens May 11 for the course running July 16-August 20

HR2: Performance Management and Compensation

Registration opens March 9 for the course running May 14-June 18
Registration opens July 13 for the course running September 17-October 22

FM1: Law Firm Accounting

Registration opens May 11 for the course running July 14-August 18

FM2: Financial Information and Analysis

Registration opens July 13 for the course running September 15-October 20

All-New E-Learning

ALA is offering e-learning opportunities through a new online learning management system (LMS). The content is delivered via text and graphics, animation, audio and video, quizzes, surveys and games. Participants learn atlm-jan2020-atala-web their own pace, completing education and training objectives with greater ease and flexibility.

The first topic covered by the system, Law Firm Management Essentials: Leadership Overview, is open and live. The objectives include:

  • Explain levels of leadership and management and ways you can work with others most effectively.
  • Recognize Goleman’s leadership styles and emotional intelligence elements.
  • Apply knowledge of self to improve relationships and business outcomes in the law firm you manage.