Thank You from the 2019 Annual Conference & Expo Chair



Dear friends and colleagues, 
On behalf of the 2019 Annual Conference Committee, I would like to thank you for attending our Association’s premier annual event. In addition, I want to thank the many groups and individuals who worked over the past 15 months to help plan an incredible conference, including: 
ALA staff 
VIP partners 
Business partners 
Session managers 
Expo guides 
All those behind-the-scenes contributors 
Especially all our attendees 
I hope you all enjoyed the conference and gained new knowledge from the education sessions and networking with business partners and peers from around the world. Now, the real work begins. As you return to your workplace, take care not to fall back into your routine without making time to review and implement the many takeaways from the conference. You should review your notes while the information is fresh, but don’t try to tackle all these ideas the first week back. Set your own goals, and set reminders for follow-up on your calendar a few weeks out.  
Also, be mindful that business partners will follow up with you in a few weeks. Please take a few minutes with each of them when they call to refresh your memory on their particular product or service. Our business partners are here to assist us and are a vital part of our conferences, so spend some time to engage with them in a meaningful way. Perhaps that means referring them to a fellow chapter member who was unable to attend conference but is looking for a solution that they offer. If you aren’t the best point of contact at your firm for them, this is a good time to make the appropriate introduction to others in your firm and hand off the relationship. Regardless, it is important to take the call and be courteous, respectful and honest.  
On a personal note, I want to thank each of you for making this experience truly special and memorable for me. I have had the great opportunity to meet so many more members during conference planning and the conference itself. I am forever grateful for your encouragement, your friendship and your participation and engagement with the 2019 ALA Annual Conference & Expo. 

Travis Armstrong, CPA, CLM
2019 Annual Conference Committee Chair