PI Project Planning: Preparing for Green Belt Candidacy



PI Project Planning: Preparing for Green Belt Candidacy

Please note it is no longer viable to move forward with PI Project Planning Workshop as originally scheduled (May 7-8 in Salt Lake City). We are discussing options for future opportunities.

This workshop is designed to guide participants through the development of a project plan and prepare them to lead a successful project. It is specifically designed as a pathway to Green Belt candidacy and open to Master Black Belts and any Yellow Belt in Legal Lean Sigma® Process Improvement and Project Management certified by the Legal Lean Sigma Institute LLC.

Included in the course registration fee is a complimentary consultation call with a member of the Legal Lean Sigma Institute faculty to help you identify, narrow, and/or select your project.

Remember, proper project planning prevents poor performance!

In this workshop, you will:

  • Select your process improvement project.
  • Discover how to lead, propose, and manage process improvement (and other) projects.
  • Draft a project charter for your project.
  • Prepare a stakeholder analysis.
  • Determine team and Steering Committee members.
  • Craft a problem/opportunity statement.
  • Build a business case.
  • Identify goals.
  • Provide scope.
  • Make assumptions and recognize concerns.
  • Create project timeline.
  • Generate a budget.
  • Learn how to lead a high-performing, high-functioning team.
  • Determine leadership.
  • Understand communication styles.
  • Recognize personality types.
  • Become more familiar with the structure, roles and responsibilities related to a process improvement project.
  • Examine the phases of process improvement projects (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) and review the required written deliverables for Green Belt certification from the Legal Lean Sigma Institute LLC.
  • Consider change agency and management implications for your project (and your organization).