Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that many of you will have questions given the new format of this program. We have done our best to anticipate what some of those may be and have provided additional details here. Please direct any additional questions regarding educational sessions to [email protected]. Questions regarding registration should be directed to [email protected]

Q: Has my chapter registered?
A: A list of registered chapters is available and will be updated daily by close of business.

Q: My chapter has registered. Where can I find information to register myself? 
A: Please connect first with your chapter leadership. They would have received additional instructions that should have been passed along to individual members. If you continue to experience challenges, please reach out to [email protected] for additional guidance. 

Q: What platform will be used to for these sessions?
A: All sessions will be conducted using the Zoom videoconferencing platform. 

Q: Will sessions be recorded?
A: With the exception of Idea Exchanges, all sessions will be recorded and posted to the ALA website in August. Recordings will be secured in such a way that they will only be accessible to those that registered for the event.  

Q: Will session handouts be available?
A: Yes, handouts will be made available via the website, though some handouts may not be provided until after the session has taken place.