Frequently Asked Questions


We understand that you may have questions regarding this program. We have done our best to anticipate what some of those may be and have provided additional details here. Please direct any additional questions regarding educational sessions to [email protected]. Questions regarding registration should be directed to [email protected]

Q: Has my chapter registered?
A: Beginning February 27, a list of registered chapters will be added to the website and updated daily by the close of business.

Q: My chapter has registered. Do I need to register? 
A: Individual registration is required to receive access information for the event. Individual attendees from your chapter must register themselves by 5 p.m. Central on March 23. Individuals who do not register themselves by the deadline will be unable to access the platform.

Q: My chapter has registered, but I have not received instructions from my chapter so that I can register myself. What do I do? 
A: Please first connect with your chapter leadership. They have received additional instructions that should have been passed along to individual members. If you continue to experience challenges, please reach out to [email protected] for additional guidance. It is imperative that you register yourself by 5 p.m. Central on March 23.

Q: What platform will be used for these sessions?
A: All sessions will be conducted using the Zoom webinar platform except for the Daily Recap and Wrap-Up Discussion that will occur in Zoom meetings.

Q: Will sessions be recorded?
A: All sessions will be recorded and posted to My Dashboard. Recordings will be secured in such a way that they will only be accessible to those that registered for the event.  

Q: I am unable to attend the event live but would like to view the recordings afterward. What do I do?
A: Anyone interested in viewing the recordings must register for the event by 5 p.m. Central on March 23.

Q: Will session handouts be available?
A: Yes, handouts will be made available via the website, though some handouts may not be provided until after the session has taken place. 

Q: Will this event replace the in-person Chapter Leadership Institute (CLI) event?
A: Absolutely not! CLI is an event that many of our chapter leaders look forward to attending each year. But CLI has grown over the past several years, resulting in several cutting-edge sessions. We are extremely proud of the direction it has taken, but we also recognize the importance of continuing to provide incoming chapter leaders with basic instruction on chapter management, as well as information on the importance of adhering to essential financial and legal responsibilities. Those are the topics that will be addressed in this new Essentials of Chapter Leadership event. 

Q: Will any of the sessions offered qualify for continuing education credit?
A: No, these sessions are focused on chapter management topics. They do not meet the necessary requirements for continuing education credits.