A Note from ALA’s President

Leading In Tune

Geoffrey M. Williams, CLM, MBA, MDiv, discusses how the intricacies of composing music are like those of leadership.

A Note from ALA’s Executive Director

Successful Leaders Embody Strong Project Management

A Note from ALA’s Executive Director Eryn Carter, CAE, on how successful leaders are are strong project managers, too.

BP Perspective

Strategic Presence: A Better Way to Lead

Leading is not about executive presence — it’s about honing your strategic presence instead.
By Jacqueline Farrington

Business Development

Transforming Practice Group Leaders into Revenue-Focused Leaders

With your leadership, you can inspire lawyers to take more revenue-focused actions.
By David H. Freeman, JD

CM Feature

Leadership Lessons

How leaders can move difficult people and motivate others.
By Catherine Alman Macdonagh, JD and Kyla Sandwith, JD

Cover Story

Are You a Great Leader?

Leaders have the power to make — or break — worker morale. How do you stack up?
By Phillip M. Perry


Thinking Outside the Legal Box

Why Thinking Skills Are Critical Skills
By Haley Revel

Tips & Trends

Don’t Reprimand, Understand

5 Steps to Driving Change Through Positive Accountability
By Craig Goodliffe

In Your Own Words

What Makes a Good Leader?

It’s easy to identify bad leadership. We’ve all experienced it. But we want to know what makes a good leader — the type who motivates you to be your best self.