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The IT Refresh Imperative

IT spending across all industries is expected to reach $4.5 trillion this year. As our reliance on technology grows, rethinking traditional IT asset management is imperative to outpace the competition. Finding room in the budget for large IT purchases can be difficult but holding on to older technology that slows down staff and drains resources with maintenance and upkeep is no better.

Christina Floyd and Karen Leastman

Leading legal organizations recognize the strategic opportunities of a lease-based technology refresh program, including operational efficiencies, cost savings and sustainability goals. Leasing technology equipment allows law firms to avoid obsolescence by matching the lease term to the equipment’s useful life, then returning the equipment at lease-end to upgrade to new technology.


  1. Establish a disciplined upgrade process
    Keep your IT infrastructure up to date with leading-edge technology that boosts performance and puts you ahead of competition.

  2. Lessen security vulnerabilities
    Protect your data from security breaches with the latest upgrades.

  3. Reduce indirect costs of owning IT equipment
    Avoid the ongoing maintenance, repairs and downtime associated with equipment obsolescence.

  4. Gain budget predictability
    Replace the budget spikes of cash-based financing with fixed, predictable payments.

  5. Advance sustainability initiatives
    Responsibly reuse, refresh and recycle outdated equipment.


So what are some of the legal tech investments firms are making? Here’s what we’re seeing:

Laptop Refreshes: With the migration to a hybrid work model, investments in laptops continue to surge within the legal industry.

Global Office IT Upgrades: As firms expand to new regions, they are making larger investments in international technology platforms by setting up global data centers, disaster recovery (DR) sites and other infrastructure equipment. 

Data Security Solutions: As attention to data protection and security grows, firms are increasing measures and systems designed to securely protect and safeguard information by investing in improved data storage equipment.

Legal executives can leverage flexible financing and asset lifecycle solutions to get the tech they need today and drive innovation tomorrow.