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INNOCN Portable Monitor Keeps Us on the Move

What do you do when you want to travel light with your laptop but still have access to multiple display monitors like you have in the office? You invest in a portable secondary monitor to stash in your laptop bag. 

Bill & Phil
That is exactly what we did when we purchased the 15.6-inch INNOCN portable monitor. INNOCN is a brand that we were not familiar with previously. This monitor is made by a Chinese technology manufacturer and has a very high-quality OLED Full HD 1080-pixel screen. We have used the monitor as an extension to our Windows laptop, but it can also be used to connect to a smartphone, MacBook or tablet.

The 15.6-inch size of the monitor appears incredibly large, especially when we connect it to a laptop with a smaller screen, but the brightness and quality of the display is excellent. There’s no software to install; the monitor worked as either an extension or a duplication of the laptop desktop screen as soon as it was powered on. No power cable is necessary when the monitor is connected to the laptop USB-C port. (You can also connect the monitor via the mini-HDMI port.) Plus, it also comes with an attached rubber covering that doubles as a protective covering for the display and can be folded underneath the monitor to form a convenient stand to hold the screen upright. 

The uses for a portable monitor like the INNOCN are many. Sometimes we like to work on larger documents, such as a busy Excel spreadsheet or a PowerPoint slide show, using the larger monitor while traveling away from our desktop computer. Other times we simply like to play a movie on the secondary monitor while “working” on something, like Facebook, on our laptop. 

“There is really nothing to not like about this secondary monitor. … The INNOCN secondary monitor is a quality addition to our mobile office equipment.”

One of the most convenient uses for the INNOCN monitor has been when making a presentation to a smaller group of two to three people over a conference table. Instead of dragging along a projector or trying to connect to a TV hanging on the wall, we will simply connect our monitor to our laptop and place it in front of the individuals we are meeting with. The monitor is large enough to see clearly the presentation we are displaying, but not too big to get in the way of the conversation.

The advertisements for the INNOCN monitor tout it as being a “lightweight,” but we’re sure that is just relative to the weight of a full-scale desktop monitor. When adding the monitor to our laptop bag, we certainly notice the extra weight. At just over 4.5 pounds, the monitor actually weighs more than our travel laptop. With that in mind, we elect to only bring along the INNOCN when we know we need to use it for a presentation or for extended work.

There is really nothing to not like about this secondary monitor (unless you want to get picky about the weight). The INNOCN secondary monitor is a quality addition to our mobile office equipment.