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Complete Issue

A Note from the ALA President

Completing the Stress Cycle

Sarah Evenson shares the small things she does throughout the day to fight stress.
By Sarah Evenson, JD, MBA

A Note from ALA’s Senior Managing Editor

Why Wellness Should Come First

We explain why we chose a wellness theme.
By Valerie A. Danner, Senior Managing Editor, ALA

BP Perspective

Taking the Stress Out of Cybersecurity

Here’s how you can take the stress out of cybersecurity.
By Tom Lambotte, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, BobaGuard and GlobalMac IT

Diversity Dialogue

Walking a Minefield Without a Map: The Explosive Intersection of Well-Being and Belonging

Wellness has another layer for those who are marginalized — here’s how to help.
By Neha Sampat, Esquire, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, BelongLab

Cover Story

Walking the Well-Being Walk

How to Approach Mental Health + Wellness Initiatives in a Post-Pandemic World
By Mary Kate Sheridan, Esquire, Lawyer, Writer and Editor


An Honest Conversation About Alcohol and Legal

It can be an uncomfortable topic, but examining the role alcohol plays in your firm’s culture is paramount to building a healthier work environment.
By Valerie A. Danner, Senior Managing Editor, ALA


AI Takes Aim at Busting Burnout

Legal departments are using artificial intelligence to tackle burnout.
By Alex Kelly, Chief Operating Officer, Brightflag

Tips and Trends

Mindset Reset: Take Back Control

Feeling like your mind is spiraling lately? Here’s how to take back control.
By Rachel Druckenmiller, Keynote Speaker + Leadership Trainer

Wellness Tips

Get Inspired

Members and business partners share how they take time for some self-care.