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IT Strategy for a New Era of Business

The past year accelerated digital transformation efforts out of necessity, but as we move into a future where COVID-19 is more manageable, legal organizations must think more strategically about their IT investments to achieve long-term success.

Christina Floyd and Karen Leastman

Legal executives can leverage flexible financing and IT refresh solutions to get the tech they need today and drive innovation tomorrow.


A lease-based technology refresh program allows firms to avoid obsolescence and reduce ongoing IT maintenance. The lease can cover both hardware (like computers, servers and networking equipment) and software (like licensing, implementation and consulting fees), and allows the firm to rent the equipment for less than today’s cash price while gaining predictability through fixed monthly payments.

With this strategy, firms can refresh their technology every three to five years and prevent user downtime. This is often the smarter choice than purchasing expensive IT assets that will become obsolete within a few years.


New technology allows firms to stay competitive and drive innovation within the legal market. Current tech investments are focused on software and equipment that allows employees to work where they need to.

“With this strategy, firms can refresh their technology every three to five years and prevent user downtime.”

Trending technologies for law firms include:

  • Laptop refreshes: With the migration to a hybrid work model, investments in laptops continue to surge within the legal industry.
  • Global office upgrades: As firms expand to new regions, they are setting up global data centers, disaster recovery sites and other infrastructure equipment.
  • Data security solutions: Firms are increasing measures and systems designed to securely protect and safeguard information and therefore investing in improved data storage equipment.

As we enter a new era of business, IT strategy will be the ultimate differentiator for law firms to succeed. Strategic investments in technology, coupled with the right financial approach, can set top performers apart in today’s competitive landscape and prove even more valuable in the years to come.