Diversity and Inclusion Resources


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Must Read Reports

Substantive reporting and analysis of industry trends, best practices, and recommendations to help you advance diversity and inclusion in your law office.

ABA Center for Racial and Ethnic Diversity 2011-2012 Annual Report
ABA Center for Racial and Ethnic Diversity

After Fisher: Significance and Strategies for Employers
Prepared by Morgan Lewis for the Minority Corporate Counsel Association. 2013

Power in Law: Lessons from the 2011 Women's Power Summit on Law and Leadership
Center for Women in Law, University of Texas School of Law. 2012

State of Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Profession 2012
The Institute for Inclusion in the Legal Profession

Women in Law in the U.S.
Catalyst. 2013.

What Can Associations Learn from the NFL’s Diversity Playbook?