Product and Service Review Committee

Description: This committee is responsible for reviewing ALA’s current inventory of products and services as well as any prospective products or services using a strategic process to ensure timely, necessary and valuable tools are being provided to the membership.

Committee Composition: 9 individuals (5 volunteers, 1 member of ALA’s Executive Committee and 3 ALA Headquarters Staff members)

Term: The 5 volunteers will serve three-year terms. (Inaugural terms will vary to create a staggered term schedule.)

Eligibility/Qualifications: Service on this committee is open to any regular member, associate member, business partner, consultant or other interested party whose knowledge, skills and expertise is deemed useful to the work of the committee. Ideal candidates are those who have insight into the membership and its needs, business acumen, strategic and critical thinking, creativity and people skills.

In-Person Meetings & Expectations: The committee will meet at least twice each year.  One meeting will be a face-to-face meeting in conjunction with the ALA Annual Conference & Expo. The second meeting (and any others that may be called) may be conducted via conference calls or other electronic media as appropriate.

Call for Volunteers: Summer

Selections Made: Fall

Staff Liaison: Patricia Carrera, JD, CKM