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Retreat Planning Plus

Reimagine, Rethink and Reinvigorate Your Retreats

You don’t have to do it alone — partner with the experts of Retreat Planning Plus. Organizing a successful retreat that exceeds expectations takes time and effort. Let Retreat Planning Plus be your one-stop resource for any or all of your retreat planning needs.

Why hire Retreat Planning Plus?

We offer:

Extensive meeting planning experience, combined with overall management expertise.
A selection of preeminent hotels and resorts, and negotiation of rates and arrangements that increase your buying power.
Dynamic and expert speaker and facilitator recommendations from ALA's pool of renowned speakers.
" Understanding of the unique needs of legal management professionals.

Why a Retreat?

A retreat is to withdraw from action in order to adopt a more favorable position. Take a break from the day to day, meet on neutral ground and discuss what's key to reaching goals. Review what is working, what can be improved upon and set goals for the future.

Perhaps it's time your firm considered for a strategic or long-range planning retreat? If it is, let us do the planning. Begin by checking out the Needs Assessment, then contact ALA Meetings Manager Patty Olejnik to find out how retreat planning is made simpler with help from ALA.

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