UPBMS Webinars

Without data and insights about the efforts it takes to run the business of law, it is challenging to hire and staff appropriately, price legal work, determine profitability, improve processes, and more. Now there is a way to gain this deeper understanding.

Part 1: Introduction to the ALA UPBMS Uniform Process Based Management System

This webinar explains the benefits of using the ALA’s standard task codes, what they are, and how your colleagues are becoming early adopters to the UPBMS.

Discover how they use this common language to describe legal support activities. This leads to improved management, tools, processes, and procedures. The UPBMS is the foundation for creating competitive advantages.

Part 2: Uniform Process Based Management System Early Adopters (UPBMS): 2nd Installment

In Part 2, you’ll get an idea of the different ways the UPBMS is going to be a game changer for legal administrators. This webinar is for anyone who wants to get better ideas about how to determine the TRUE COST of the effort it takes to do and deliver ALL the work involved in our legal and business processes. We’ll explore how the UPBMS can be used.

MacDonagh, CatherineCatherine Alman MacDonagh, JD, teaches and provides training and consulting services in process improvement and project management, strategic planning, marketing and business development. A Legal Lean Sigma Black Belt and a certified Six Sigma Green Belt, MacDonagh is the Chief Executive Officer and a Founder of the Legal Lean Sigma Institute (LLSI). A former corporate counsel and law firm executive, she is now an adjunct professor at Suffolk Law School and George Washington University's Master of Law Firm Management Program, as well as the author of Lean Six Sigma for Law Firms.