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July/August: On the Cover

Let’s Make a Deal
Law firms are in the driver’s seat at lease renewal time.

For law firms looking to renew their office leases, the outlook has never been sunnier. A pandemic-induced oversupply of commercial space has landed on the market at the same time professional organizations need less room to get their work done, thanks to the acceleration of hybrid work arrangements. Read more.

Fighting Change Fatigue
Legal organizations and innovation are not typically linked. Firms in particular tend to follow a traditional mode and may not be open to change. Change often means following the path of least resistance — it’s easier but not always the most fruitful choice. After the turbulent last two-plus years, normalcy and status quo can seem comforting.  Read more.

6 Tips for Designing Effective Associate Evaluations
The associate evaluation process can be an incredible vehicle for reviewing, training and rewarding associates. For many law firms, however, it can be challenging to craft a process that effectively delivers feedback in a way that is specific, meaningful and actionable while at the same time engaging all the key stakeholders.  Read more.


Big Ideas
What Is Your Story? Answering This Question Can Help Find Your Authentic Self

BP Perspective
Keeping Score: Why Legal Organizations Should Develop a Risk Scorecard

Diversity Dialogue

Diversity Efforts Also Must Include Development for Legal Support Staff


Law Firm IT Customization: Approach at Your Own Risk

Marketing Matters
Get Clients to Notice You: 8 Tips for Creating Quality Content


Industry News
Studying for CLM Success

Industry News
Cash Flow Can Help Your Firm Grow

Tips and Trends
Strengthen Your Internal Communications to Fortify Your Law Firm’s Future


ALA Faces
Members on the Move

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