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Bodine, Larry. Clearly written and easily understood, this book on alternate fees removes the cloud of mystery, offers many how-to techniques, and is peppered with case histories. If your law firm wants to give clients the "value fees" they want, Lamb's
Van Dyke, Susan. Lawyers despise the billable hour and clients loathe it. American lawyers and firms are now undeniably called upon to introduce more creative approaches to billing.
Cotterman, James D. The legal industry is in an environment where competitive and market forces will almost certainly alter the firm's ability to raise hourly billing rates consistent with historic patterns. The time has come to embrace alternatives to ho
The Marcus Letter. Anticipating Future Shock: Changing The Billing Structure And Enhancing Per-Partner Value. At least two steps can be taken now to make firms more competitive, efficient and profitable reintroducing value added billing to ultimately
Book Review: Compensation as a Strategic Asset: the New Paradigm. The Marcus Letter: The Equity Factor in Compensation: A Primer for the Managing Partner And Everyone Else In The Firm. This is an online glossary of terms commonly used in business, management and HR settings.
Charney, Cy and Kathy Conway. TOOL: Calculate the Cost and Benefits of Training. A useful tool in determining costs and savings is to compare costs per participant versus savings per participant. A four-step process for measuring the savings that trai
Bilinsky, David and Laura Calloway. How can you make sure that the firm is bringing in sufficient money to cover current and future spending needs? You need to generate and consistently review the appropriate financial information. This article offers adv
Smith, Jo. Selecting a successor to the managing partner is a tricky business. Here is a checklist of skills and attributes to look for when evaluating candidates to lead the firm.
Heineman, Ben W. Jr. and William F. Lee. Two Veteran Lawyers Say Now Is the Time for Fixed Fees. Fixed fees have significant benefits for both in-house and outside counsel: reduced billing hassles, more predictable cost to the client, more predictable a
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