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Poll, Ed. Law firms and lawyers cannot guarantee a result; they can, however, guarantee a level of effort - that goes to the heart of what clients want.
Paskoff, Stephen. A Behavioral Leadership Approach to Workplace Problems. Organizations must adopt a simple, clear leadership behavior strategy. In truth, many organizations sorely test their workforces' trust; employees are not only anxious about thei
Kraft, Robert A. A Blueprint for Marketing with Staff. The author routinely reminds employees that they are all in marketing. The firm's in-house marketing efforts focus more on keeping existing clients satisfied and receiving word-of-mouth referrals t
The Marcus Letter. A Fixed Position in a Moving World: Positioning As A Metaphor. There is a distinct difference between a position and a mission. The marketing program may be as elaborate or simple as budget and marketing objectives will allow, but i
Heathfield, Susan M. Business Ethics Challenges: Consider the potential positive impact on an organization of having a working code of business ethics. As our world becomes more complex, sometimes right answers - those that meet the needs of the most...
Anderson, Michael J. Traditionally wishing well to departing partners has given way to depreciating them. Consider how best to treat former partners, who could provide less than complimentary commentary to the legal press about your firm; may one day wa The struggle for human rights has gone on for ages, but the story of animal rights has only begun to be told. Ken Strutin's guide is a compilation of new and notable legal resources on animal rights and welfare.
To know where the profession is going and what todayís lawyers must do to be in tune with change, donít look to the profession: Look to the clients. Law is now a client-driven profession - and thatís both the present and future.
Richardson, Douglas B. Assimilating Lateral Hires: How to Capitalize on a Major Investment. Assimilation Planning: Strategy, Tactics and Implementation.
The Marcus Letter. Book review of FIRST AMONG EQUALS: How To Manage A Group Of Professionals, by Patrick J. McKenna and David H. Maister. Free Press, NY 2002. For firms with more than a few lawyers or professionals, the practice group structure is an e
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