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Law360 Pulse Article Features ALA Executive Director, April Campbell, JD

  • Aug 27

     August 24, 2021

Recently, Law360 Pulse reported on nearly 50 law firms that have adopted policies around vaccinations and employees returning to work. In the article, “Law Firms Must Be Decisive With Vaccines,” Aebra Coe interviews ALA Executive Director April Campbell, JD, to get her perspective on what’s happening in law firms.

“According to Campbell, firms were surveying personnel early on in the pandemic to see how they felt about various safety measures, but many have begun to move away from that when it comes to vaccine mandates and toward more top-down decisions to ensure better safety and smooth business operations,” writes Coe.

The article also cites a recent survey by Littler Mendelson PC about different industries mandating vaccines, with nearly half saying they are considering it now. A good number of law firms are moving in this direction as well. Click here to read the full article.

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