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An End-of-Year Poem from an ALA Member

  • Jan 2
The Association of Legal Administrators is grateful for this unexpected gift. Kellie B. Narayan, the President-Elect and Programs & Education Chair for the Sacramento Valley Chapter, wrote a charming poem about the travails, tribulations and triumphs of the typical legal manager. She’s Executive Director of Wilke, Fleury, Hoffelt, Gould & Birney, LLP, in Sacramento.

It’s year-end at the law firm
A time for toasts and cheers!
I almost hear the clinking
As good friends raise their beers.

The wine is wildly flowing
While elves don tinsel caps
But you’ve got reams of paper
In reports upon your lap.

You sit there in the distance
Beneath the eve’s lamp light
Reviewing the financials
Making sure all is right.

Dear friends may be out drinking
Enjoying vibrant feasts
While you’re inside ensuring
All time has been released.

Invoices need to be sent out
The bills must all be paid
Expenses must be maximized
For taxes to be stayed.

You may hear angels singing
Of good will far and wide
But HR’s ears are ringing
One staff is mad, one cried.

“The bonuses weren’t larger
The party was less grand
The partner didn’t help me
This wasn’t what I planned ... ”

Three staff are out with fevers
While you sit at your desk
You probably should be home too
But you stay and protest.

“I’m fine,” you sneeze and sniffle
Though it may not be fair
You analyze, draft your reports
Persisting through with care.

Three PowerPoints, six memos
And countless Excel docs
Yielded from data you’ve reviewed
Beneath late ticking clocks.

Just so you know, we see you
Your efforts are steadfast.
Though someone may not say it
Your worth is unsurpassed.

You take the stress and worry
Respond back with a smile
And when your strength has ended
You go the extra mile.

You are appreciated
For all the ways you serve
And any praise you may receive
Is less than you deserve.

It’s more than we can say now
Though less than what you’re due
With pride and boasting, care and thanks,
We raise a toast to you!

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