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ALA and Nesso Strategies Announce the Managing Partner Executive Director Forum

  • Aug 10

New Educational Event Focuses on Law Firm Leadership

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — The Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) announces a new interactive educational event, The Managing Partner/Executive Director Forum in Orlando, Florida on February 23-24 in partnership with Nesso Strategies.

Designed to explore and develop leadership skills and experience, The Managing Partner/Executive Director Forum is a hands-on workshop that enables Managing Partners and Executive Directors to collaborate on shared leadership and management challenges.

“Today, more than ever, the working relationship among the law firm executive team, lawyers plus executive administrators, is critical to a firm’s success,” said Judy Hissong of Nesso Strategies, ALA’s partner in delivering this program, “A variety of modalities will be used to examine familiar challenges within law firms, building connections between leadership, management, and bottom line results.”

The Managing Partner/Executive Director Forum will provide insights into the challenges facing law firms today, while also giving law firm leaders the opportunity to work as a team. The result is a common understanding and commitment to the key components of successful leadership in the firm.

Faculty for the event are Judy Hissong and Steve Wingert, Principals of Nesso Strategies, who have over 30 years of combined law firm leadership. Their experience integrating leadership with strategic planning, process improvement, and client service will provide a highly engaging and experiential learning environment.

“We are delighted to welcome two of  the most dynamic speakers in the legal management field in this one-of-a-kind opportunity for law firm leaders to roll up their sleeves together and tackle some of the biggest issues in law firm management, ” said Oliver Yandle, J.D., Executive Director of ALA. “The Managing Partner/Executive Director Forum is an unprecedented opportunity for law firm leaders to come together and move the needle forward for their firms.”

Who should attend? The Managing Partner/Executive Director Forum is designed for medium sized law firm leadership teams, however solo attendees are welcome.

For more information and to register visit

About NESSO Strategies

NESSO Strategies partners with law firms to develop people while focused on profit-oriented strategies required in the competitive business environment. NESSO looks for opportunities to elevate leadership in the legal environment, providing cutting edge attention to business practices so law firms move intentionally and consistently forward in their client relationships. For more information on NESSO Strategies, visit

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