IDEA Awards Project Team

Description: The IDEA Awards Project Team reviews each IDEA Award submission and makes the decision on which entries will receive recognition. The team members review submissions and deliberate through a series of conference calls until the recipients have been identified. Review criteria is determined by the team, and focuses on:

  • Innovation
  • Impact and results
  • Creativity and originality
  • Success of project
  • Significance
  • Long-term impact

Team Size and Term: 5-8 members

Term: 3 years

Appointments per year: Varies

In-Person Meetings/Expectations:

Meeting. The IDEA Awards Project Team meets though a series of conference calls to review entries. 

Assignments. Participation on the IDEA Awards Project Team requires members to read each IDEA Award submission prior to the scheduled calls. The time required depends on the number of submissions and the detail provided. Due to the timing of IDEA Award submissions and the Annual Conference, the time commitment for this role is condensed to a short period of time in late winter/early spring.

Call for volunteers: Summer

Eligibility: Must be a current ALA member or a current ALA-supporting business partner.

Selections made: Fall

ALA Headquarters Liaison: Kate Raftery

Committee Plan of Work - 2018