Committee on Diversity and Inclusion

Description: The ALA Committee on Diversity and Inclusion is dedicated to providing members and legal industry stakeholders with tools and resources required to lead and increase diversity and inclusion in the Association, in the legal management community and in all legal service organizations. The Committee is charged with providing guidance, education, and resources to members and chapters in support of the ALA Diversity Initiative. The Committee offers an expanding and rich library of diversity and inclusion education and resources, including presentations, brochures, monthly tip sheets, speakers list, and a Diversity Toolkit to help our stakeholders develop, plan, and implement a successful diversity program in the workplace. The Committee also offers ALA Diversity and Inclusion Scorecards for both Chapters and Law Firms to help benchmark progress and establish best practices. Scorecard participants may earn and display the ‘We Participate’ seal issued by the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion.

Committee Size: 9

Term: 3 years

Appointments per year: Varies

In-Person Meetings / Expectations: Attendance is expected at one in-person meeting per year held in conjunction with the member’s attendance at Annual Conference. Committee members will be in good standing with the Association, and possess a keen interest in advancing and developing goals, objectives, education and resources related to diversity and inclusion. Committee members participate in monthly scheduled conference calls, and communicate regularly within the ALA Online Community and by email. Each committee member is assigned and/or volunteers to lead and/or contribute to one or more Committee projects, and it is expected that Committee members volunteer for assignments equally. Support of the candidacy by the employer is highly recommended as there is a time and travel commitment expected. Previous committee or leadership service with ALA, Chapter, Regional or National, is helpful but not required.

Call for volunteers: Summer

Selections made: Winter

ALA Headquarters Liaison: Michele Schaede-Guy

Committee Plan of Work - 2018