Chapter Resource Team

Term: 2 years

Appointments per year: 1-2

In-Person Meetings/Expectations: A commitment of approximately 2 to 5 hours per week as well as attendance at the following meetings each year: 1) Association Leadership Institute (February or March); 2) Annual Conference (April or May); and 3) Chapter Leadership Institute (June or July). On an as needed basis, Chapter Resource Team members also make visits or give presentations to chapters.

Chapter Resource Team Position Description

Term Commencement: The term of each Chapter Resource Team member officially begins at the Annual Conference following the candidate’s selection. In order to provide effective orientation, continuity of initiatives and an overall smooth transition, the Chapter Resource Team member begins participating in meetings three to four months before the official term begins. The meetings include attendance at the Association Leadership Institute (typically held in February or March). The majority of expenses relating to attendance at these meetings are paid by ALA.  During this time prior to the official start of the term, the Team member will also participate in conference calls with the Chapter Resource Team.


  • Individuals who commit to serve at this level of ALA are held to high standards of public decorum, dependability and service to the members.
  • Team members are strongly encouraged to attend Annual Conference.  Firm support is important to be successful in this role.
  • Team members required to attend the Association Leadership Institute (ALI) and Chapter Leadership Institute (CLI).
  • Team members are relied upon to be a resource to the Directors by bringing creative strategies that promote and educate chapter leaders and members on the policies, programs and initiatives of ALA.  All team members shall exhibit and develop the attributes deemed important to leadership in ALA.  Those attributes are:  courage, vision, communication, passion, reliability, inclusiveness, balance, respect, professionalism, collaboration and integrity.
  • It is expected that each team member support and abide by the Bylaws, Code of Ethics, Strategic Plan and Plan of Work of ALA.
    Team members must be capable and willing to prepare and conduct presentations for chapter events and lead training activities at ALI and CLI.
  • Participation in Chapter Resource Team meeting conference calls, regular communication with assigned focus chapters and preparation of requested reports regarding assigned chapters are requirements.


It is preferred that individuals selected for this position shall:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to the mission and goals of ALA.
  • Have proficient written and verbal communication skills.
  • Have the enthusiasm and willingness and ability to provide necessary time and energy to the responsibilities and duties described with a positive and professional attitude.
  • Have a continued commitment to professional development and advancing the education mission of ALA; have an understanding of the issues relevant to the education of legal management professionals.
  • Have the ability to collaborate and fully engage with Chapter Resource Team members.
  • Have the ability to develop and maintain positive and supportive relationships with chapter leaders, ALA members and Business Partners. 
  • Have the ability to develop and maintain positive relations with ALA Headquarters Staff. 

General Responsibilities Include: 

  • Serve as liaison to assigned chapters. Engage chapter leaders and members using appropriate and effective communication methods (e.g., phone, e-mail, social media) and strive to make personal connections at ALA events.
  • Ensure all assigned chapters are in continual compliance with ALA Bylaws and policies as well as all required items outlined in the Presidents’ Award of Excellence. 
  • Assist chapters with the development of high quality educational programs in accordance with the ALA standards for core competencies, as well as the needs and interests of the members. 
  • Work with chapters to encourage visible and credible activities on a local level, including community service, certification, media and public relations, internships, scholarships, career fairs, advisory panels, bar and law-related exhibitions, diversity and inclusion awareness, etc.
  • Work closely with chapters and individual members to increase awareness of and participation in, all ALA programs and assist in identifying additional programs that would be of interest and benefit to members.
  • As directed by the Director, work with independent members to assure that they are receiving legal education, networking and knowledge opportunities through appropriate channels.
  • Assist with projects, analysis and evaluations of member needs and ALA policies and procedures as requested by the Board of Directors or other ALA leadership, including gathering information, soliciting feedback and making recommendations.
  • Identify and encourage qualified potential ALA leaders to apply for volunteer opportunities (i.e., Conference Planning Committees, Standing Committees, Chapter Resource Team, Director, At-Large Director and Nominating Committee).

Call for nominations: Spring

Selections made: Fall

ALA Headquarters Liaison: Nicole Larson