Regional Director Position Description

Term Commencement: The term of a Regional Director officially begins at the Annual Conference following the candidate’s selection. In order to provide effective orientation, continuity of initiatives and an overall smooth transition, the Regional Director begins participating in meetings three to four months before the official term begins. The meetings include attendance at the Association Leadership Institute (typically held in February or March). The majority of expenses relating to attendance at these meetings are paid by ALA. During this time prior to the official start of the term, the Regional Director will also participate in conference calls with the Regional Leadership Team.

Expectations: Individuals who commit to serve at this level of the Association are held to high standards of public decorum, dependability and service to the members. Regional Directors are expected to attend various Board meetings, events and functions that occur during their term of office.

The Regional Director participates fully in strategic planning and policy setting decisions and is expected to do so with the best interests of all members and the Association in mind. Like all members of the Board of Directors, Regional Directors must be concerned with developing policies that serve the entire membership and promote consistency among regions and programs. All Directors serve as trustees for the Association and must discharge those responsibilities with the highest regard for member needs, a commitment to the enhancement of the profession and a high personal sense of ethics and trustworthiness.

Regional Directors, like all leaders in the Association, are relied upon to advance creative strategies that promote the mission of ALA and inform members of the policies, programs and initiatives of ALA. All Regional Directors shall exhibit and develop the attributes deemed important to leadership in ALA. Those attributes are:  courage, vision, communication, passion, reliability, inclusiveness, balance, respect, professionalism, collaboration and integrity.

It is required that each Regional Director support and abide by the Bylaws, Governance Practice Statements, Code of Ethics, Strategic Plan and Plan of Work of the Association.

Summary of Position: The Regional Director is charged with an array of diverse responsibilities. However, there are core guidelines, responsibilities and duties that are essential in this role. As members of the ALA Board of Directors, Regional Directors have policy making responsibilities that affect all aspects of the Association. They also have certain operation management responsibilities in support of their Regional Leadership Teams.

The Regional Director shall be responsible for the management of the region; coordinating Regional Leadership Team activities, promoting regular communications with and among the members of the Regional Leadership Team; communications of ALA services to all members, potential members and other industry-related persons or groups; visiting chapters as needed or requested within budgetary guidelines; supporting strategic and administrative functions of chapters; promoting ALA and conveying the mission and goals of the Association; and encouraging chapters and all members to adhere to the Association Bylaws, Chapter Performance Objectives and the ALA Code of Professional Ethics.  The Regional Director shall participate in any assigned responsibilities as specified by the President or the Board of Directors, e.g., task forces, depending on any given year’s Plan of Work.  

Responsibilities Include:

  1. Prepare for, attend and actively participate in all Board meetings as a voting member of the Board.
  2. Oversee all activities within the region and chair the Regional Council meetings. 
  3. Work with ALA staff and others, as appropriate, to prepare an annual budget for the region.
  4. Work with the Regional Leadership Team to prepare an annual Plan of Work for the region.
  5. Maintain accountability for the financial and legal matters of the region; work with ALA staff on resolution of issues, as appropriate.
  6. Serve and/or chair on assigned task forces or other committees and be accountable to the Board for the work product of those groups, as requested.
  7. Work with the Regional Leadership Team to establish direct contact with members and direct regular and timely communication with the region through the use of correspondence, council meetings and other means as deemed beneficial to the region (e.g., regional newsletter, social media.)
  8. Lead development of Regional Leadership Team by coaching Regional Representatives to build active, effective relationships with chapter leaders and members within the region, focusing on developing strong chapter leadership.
  9. Lead regular Regional Leadership Team calls to communicate Association activities, plan regional events, receive input from Regional Representatives and review chapter activities; draft and circulate agenda for Regional Leadership Team calls. 
  10. Identify and encourage qualified members to apply for Association volunteer opportunities (i.e. Conference Planning Committees, Standing Committees, Project Teams, Regional Representative, Director, At-Large Director, Nominating Committee) and recognize and mentor current and potential Association leaders.
  11. Ensure proper due diligence is conducted on potential Association volunteer candidates.
  12. Review, monitor and ensure compliance with ALA Bylaws, Code of Ethics, Policies and Governance Practice Statements. 
  13. Serve as a Board liaison to a committee or project team as assigned by the President.

The individual selected for this position shall:

  • Have successfully served in a leadership position within ALA and have demonstrated a commitment to the mission and goals of ALA.
  • Have excellent written and verbal communication skills and strong ability to prepare and conduct presentations for chapter events, Association Leadership Institute, Chapter Leadership Institute and all other Association events.  
  • Have the willingness and ability to provide necessary time and energy to the responsibilities and duties described with a positive and professional attitude.
  • Have a commitment to professional development and advancing the education mission of ALA; show understanding of the issues relevant to the education of legal management professionals. 
  • Have the ability to collaborate and fully engage with team members.
  • Have the ability to develop and maintain positive partnerships with ALA Members at all levels of the organization and encourage Business Partner participation. 
  • Have the ability to develop and maintain positive relations with ALA Executive Director and Headquarters Staff.

    Call for nominations: Spring

    Selections made: Fall

    ALA Headquarters Liaison: Nicole Larson