Annual Conference & Expo Planning Committee Revamped for 2021

Recently the ALA Board of Directors commissioned a task force to revamp the composition and structure of ALA’s Annual Conference Committee (ACC), thereby changing the approach used to identify those who will serve on the committee. The task force proposed a revised approach to the Board, which was recently approved and is described below.

The ACC will work with ACI (our third-party conference vendor) and ALA staff on marketing efforts and will comment on, influence and advise on the educational content and member experience for this premier event. This diverse committee will be representative of the thought leadership in the Association.

Going forward, the ACC will be comprised of one representative from each of the following committees (identified as historically having natural involvement with planning necessities):

The Board may also include the perspective of the NextGen/First Five community (individuals with five or fewer years in the legal management profession) if not already represented in the above. Committee activities are overseen by a Chair, who is elected from the overall membership excluding anyone serving as a representative of a committee.

Questions regarding the work of this committee should be directed to