2018 Association Leadership Institute

Connecting & Collaborating

“You can’t be that kid standing at the top of the waterslide, overthinking it.
You have to go down the chute.” — Tina Fey

Welcome to ALA’s Association Leadership Institute. What else would bring us to Chicago during the winter other than ALA and our commitment to making it a valuable association to our members, business partners and the legal industry. As we gather for ALI, we bring our varied work and volunteer experiences with us, aiding us as we collaborate to move our association forward.

By now, we are all familiar with the constant changes our industry is facing and the exciting challenges this change brings to our members and their organizations. ALI is our opportunity as leaders to focus on the Association’s position as a relevant and indispensable community and resource for our members. We cannot stand still overthinking our every move — we need to get creative and fearless.

In addition to working on getting out of our comfort zones and thinking beyond the expected, we are here to get to know each other better, to welcome new faces to their leadership roles and gain insight into our volunteer roles. We are here to better understand how we can individually help our regional teams, committees and chapters to grow the Association and expand its outreach. We are here to share ideas of how we can better work with business partners, and to understand how the ALA staff can help support all these efforts. Most importantly, we are here to connect and collaborate with each other as we work to sustain the Association’s relevancy.

We hope you enjoy what we have planned for you this weekend! I look forward to connecting and collaborating with you as we push the Association forward and plan for its future!

pril L. Campbell, JD