Organizational Pricing Program 2021

Enroll by September 30, 2020 for the 2021 membership term

We are excited to officially invite your organization to enroll in the ALA Organizational Pricing Program for the 2021 membership term. 

Organizational Pricing is a dues model that’s based on the total number of attorneys across an entire organization, including all office locations in any country. It delivers better value for organizations of all sizes and offers the new ability to extend ALA membership to all legal management professionals who can benefit from ALA’s resources — without any additional dues payment required.

How will this new option benefit your organization? Here are some of the top features: 

  • May save your organization money compared to your current ALA membership dues investment.
  • Allows you to extend ALA member benefits to an unlimited number of employees.
  • Expands your organization’s professional development program by including ALA resources.
  • Supports development of next-generation leaders.Creates efficiency through a single payment by the organization.

ALA membership and what it includes for each individual now will remain exactly the same — your individual membership belongs to you and will follow you for the yearlong membership term. For example, if you change employers and the new organization is not participating in the program, your membership will automatically revert to an individual membership for the remainder of the year. Your employer also benefits by retaining the ability to add a new person at any time throughout the term.

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To see your organization’s current member roster with ALA:

  • Log in to
  • Click back on MY ACCOUNT and select “Account Details” in the drop-down menu.
  • Click on “My Directories” tab in the blue navigation bar.
  • Click on “Members” in the secondary blue navigation bar that opens below.
  • Enter enough information in the “company starts with” search field to locate your organization’s member records.

Here are examples of how to use the data:

Example 1: Organization currently has 350 attorneys and 10 ALA members at a dues cost of $419 each, equal to a current annual investment of $4,190. Per Table A dues based on attorney count, the new investment is $3,199, saving $991 and allowing unlimited added employee members.

Example 2: Organization currently has 5 attorneys and 1 ALA member at a dues cost of $419 annually. Per Table A dues based on attorney count, the new dues rate is $399, saving $20 and offering the ability to add additional members at any point throughout the term.

If saving money and/or offering great professional development opportunities at your organization sounds like a winning opportunity, please enroll by September 30 to confirm your company’s participation. Once the single member renewal cycle begins in October and individual members begin paying dues, the Organizational Pricing enrollment period for 2021 will close.

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Interested in enrolling? Click here for instructions.

  1. It’s easy — complete the enrollment form to let us know your organization will participate in 2021 by September 30, 2020.
  2. Upon enrollment, ALA converts membership type and links all current locations and members.
  3. Primary contact person identified will act as the administrator for the entire organization.
  4. 2021 organizational dues billing to be distributed to your billing contact by November 1, 2020.
  5. Participating organizations pay a single dues rate for an unlimited number of members.
  6. Organizational dues payment to be remitted by January 31, 2021.
  7. Roster of locations and members based on current membership data is visible to primary contact logged in through ALA Profile on
  8. Primary contact regularly reviews roster, confirms locations and members and invites new employees to join.

ALA is pleased to offer this Organizational Pricing option to our members and thanks the Membership Development Committee for their involvement. We are grateful to the 72 firms who participated in Phase 1 of this program to help us evaluate it, and we appreciate the early interest and support expressed throughout the membership for the new dues model. We believe this program could be beneficial to your organization and hope you decide to participate.  Please contact ALA Member Services via [email protected] or 847-267-1585 if we can assist you.

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Organizational Pricing is a dues model that’s based on the number of attorneys within an entire organization (i.e., all office locations, including international, of an organization = "entire organization"). It’s meant to deliver better value for membership and to encourage organizations to extend ALA membership to all legal management professionals who can benefit from ALA’s offerings. Please visit the  FAQs page for more information on this opportunity to support your organization's professional development efforts by bringing ALA membership to an expanded group of legal management professionals within your entire organization for one annual dues cost.

In this model, all qualified employees  of an organization are eligible to become ALA members at no additional cost to the organization.  Individuals may choose to join ALA under an Individual Pricing model if their employer is not enrolled in Organizational Pricing or if they prefer to do so.

Read ALA Organizational Pricing: Terms and Conditions.

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This new pricing model provides numerous benefits, for both members and organizations, including:
    • Your membership is still yours and will remain active for the remainder of the year if you leave your organization, or your employment status changes for any reason.
    • There is no budget impact around adding a second, third, fourth, etc. member, nor are there any issues in transferring membership when an employee leaves the organization.
    • There is nothing about this program that impacts your membership at the chapter level. If anything, it will provide an increased opportunity to welcome new members to the chapter.
    • It offers your organization a ready-made transition plan, as you can use ALA resources to develop your next leaders.
    • It supports your organization’s professional development program and casts a broader net (diverse talent offers diverse development) for the firm and for you.

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    Organizational Pricing Program dues are based on international attorney count and organization type. 

    Lawyer counts are full-time-equivalent (FTE) figures for the most recent calendar year. Temporary and contract attorneys are not included. Retired partners and of counsel are not counted unless they are earning revenue for the organization.

    Group 1:

    • Law Firm (U.S. and International)
    • Consultant/Consulting
    • Chapter Management Company/Management Consultant

    Group 2:

    • Nonprofit Organization
    • Bar Association
    • Government Legal Department/Judicial Agency/Court
    • Corporate Legal Department
    • College/University

    2021 Organizational Dues Table:

    International Attorney Count Group 1 Group 2
    0 to 14 $399 $199
    15 to 24 $499 $219
    25 to 34 $599 $249
    35 to 49 $799 $299
    50 to 74 $1,099 $349
    75 to 99 $1,399 $399
    100 to 149 $1,799 $499
    150 to 199 $2,199 $599
    200 to 299 $2,699 $699
    300 to 399 $3,199 $699
    400 to 499 $3,699 $699
    500 to 699 $4,399 $699
    700 to 899 $5,099 $699
    900 to 999 $5,799 $699
    1000 to 1299 $6,599 $699
    1300 to 1599 $7,399 $699
    1600 to 1999 $8,299 $699
    2000 to 2999 $9,299 $699
    3000 to 3999 $10,299 $699
    ≥4000 $11,299 $699

    Individual dues options have not changed and remain at $419 for individuals employed by law firms, corporate legal departments and consultants.

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    Example 1: You’re a 45-attorney law firm that currently has two ALA members. This firm is currently paying $838 in dues. However, under the proposed Organizational Pricing model, this firm will pay $799, with the ability to add an unlimited number of qualifying employees as ALA members.
    Example 2: Your entire organization employs 350 attorneys and currently has 10 ALA members; total dues were $4,190 for the 2020 membership year. By using the Organizational Pricing model for the 2021 membership year means the total dues will be only $3,199 (a savings of $991) for an unlimited number of qualifying employees as ALA members from within the entire organization.

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    Organizational Pricing will be available to all members in the 2021 membership year. The primary contact for each organization will be asked to commit to participation in Q3 2020 for the following year, prior to the beginning of the individual membership renewal cycle that begins annually in October. 

    Organizational Pricing participating organizations will receive the annual dues billing in November prior to the start of the annual term of January 1 through December 31, and annual dues shall be paid no later than January 31 of the current membership year.

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