Chapter Education

To assist chapters in meeting the educational needs of its members and the professional requirements of quality education, ALA and ALA members have created a variety of forms, documents, and databases which can assist chapter leaders in identifying quality topics, speakers, and programs and understanding the necessary evaluation criteria and processes.

CLM Study Groups

ALA's Guide to Developing a CLM Study Group (PDF) was created to assist chapters with building a successful CLM study group. 
The presentation Launching a CLM Study Group (PPT) contains the highlights of the PDF for quick review.

Chapter Education Toolkit

Guidelines for Chapter Presidents and Education Chairs is a practical working guide developed by members of ALA's Regional Leadership Teams to assist chapter leaders in their volunteer duties.

The Chapter Education Checklist is a helpful companion piece to the guidelines.


Identifying Topics, Speakers, and Programs

Chapter Program Ideas

This PDF document contains a list of successful chapter educational programs which may help chapter leaders identify potential programs of interest.

Chapter Education Database

The Chapter Education Database is a searchable database housing information from educational events presented by ALA chapters. The database may be used by chapter leaders to search for prospective speakers in five core topic areas.

Speaker Leads

ALA keeps a comprehensive index of the top-rated speakers from ALA's Annual and Regional Conferences, retreats, webinars and more. The speakers in these listings have all spoken at ALA events during the past four years and have received above-average scores as evaluated by ALA members attending those presentations.

Members looking to engage a speaker are advised to conduct their own due diligence. 

2016 Speaker Leads

2015 Speaker Leads

2014 Speaker Leads

2013 Speaker Leads

2012 Speaker Leads

2011 Speaker Leads

Of course, if you are looking for a particular topic or speaker not listed here, please feel free to contact Professional Development for additional assistance.


Education Evaluation

Individual Session Evaluation Form

Chapter leaders are expected to use the Session Evaluation Form to evaluate the effectiveness of their educational sessions. Completed session evaluation forms should be submitted to the chapter's program coordinator.

Chapter Education Summary Form

The Chapter Education Summary Form is used by chapter leaders to report overall ratings to ALA Headquarters, using uniform session evaluation procedures. The Chapter Education Summary Instructions provide information on the procedures used to calculate the overall ratings, as well as a sample calculation. Direct questions regarding the Chapter Education Database to

Access the Chapter Education Database Admin Tool.