Dues Investment

Membership belongs to the individual and follows the member for the calendar year term January 1 - December 31. Memberships that begin in January through November will expire December 31 of the year applied. Memberships that begin in December will not expire until December 31 of the following year. Dues rates are adjusted at midyear for partial year memberships according to the rates published below.

Any individual interested in legal management may join ALA if the individual or their employer is not business-partner eligible.

Management Professionals

Employers are Law Firms, Corporate Law Departments, Private Colleges/Universities or any other organization which is not eligible as an ALA business partner, and eligible Consultants.

Annual Dues - US$419
Annual Dues - International$319
Midyear (Jul-Nov) - All$249

Management Professionals: Nonprofit

Employers are nonprofit organizations, government legal departments/offices, judicial agencies or courts.

Annual Dues - US$219
Annual Dues - International$219
Midyear (Jul-Nov) - All$129

Part or Full-Time Student

Part or full-time students in any degree program at an accredited institution of higher learning are eligible with proof of enrollment, for up to four terms.

Annual Dues - US$49
Annual Dues - International$49
Midyear (Jul-Nov) - All$49

Membership Renewal

The ALA membership term corresponds to the calendar year, beginning January 1 through December 31. Membership dues are payable on January 1 of each renewal term.

Terms are not prorated based on join date. For example, the term for members who join in August ends on December 31 of the current year. 

In accordance with ALA bylaws, membership may be terminated after 90 days of nonrenewal. ALA offers a renewal grace period that corresponds to this 90-day specification which concludes on March 31. ALA will begin renewal reminders prior to the close of the current membership term and will never deactivate membership without notice.

Contact membership@alanet.org or call 847-267-1585 with any questions regarding your membership term.   



 Members: are you retiring?

Retired individuals who have reached sixty-five years of age and/or maintained fifteen years of continuous membership history with ALA are eligible for the retired member reduced dues rate. This membership keeps you in touch with all the news of your former profession, including Legal Management, maintains your chapter eligibility status; and grants continued access to the members-only areas of the website to participate in discussion forums, education, volunteer opportunities, events and more. Contact Membership for eligibility details, dues information and more.


Experiencing a hardship or transition?

ALA understands that sometimes challenging things happen, and we want to do what we can to help you retain your membership. Learn more about ALA policies here, and contact membership@alanet.org for more information about your options.