ALA Is Elevating Your Education Experience!

Using member feedback and industry research, ALA is recasting our content and education strategy to be learning-needs driven. This enables us to deliver education events that align with what our members say they want:

  • New experiences that are forward-thinking and innovative
  • Deep dive, in-depth workshops
  • More diverse education experiences across all our offerings

Learn more about these exciting changes from ALA President April Campbell, JD.

In 2019, ALA is introducing two all-new, in-person event experiences that feature unique educational content at a lower price point and shorter event duration.

C4: The Legal Industry Conference

September 2019, East Coast 

C4: The Legal Industry Conference is a one-of-a-kind experience that uses design thinking to create solutions in the legal industry. This one-and-a-half-day event focuses on finance, technology and marketing, as well as finding solutions for the industry, law firms and departments.

This design lab is open to representatives from all sectors of the legal industry — bringing together clients, lawyers, legal management professionals, legal technologists, business development and marketing experts, and others to collaboratively develop solutions to legal industry challenges. The program will be highly interactive, and cross-functional teams will be established to develop prototypes to address specific challenges in the business of law. Topics may include cybersecurity, diversity and inclusion, business development, operational efficiency and succession planning.

ALA Leadership-Focused Conference

October 2019, West Coast 

The ALA Leadership-Focused Conference is all about YOU and YOUR professional growth. This one-and-a-half-day event takes a deep dive into critical personal leadership skills that are vital to an attendee’s career, such as establishing a boardroom presence, handling conflict, difficult conversations and more. 

The ALA Leadership-Focused Conference will focus on high-level leadership/management skills essential for success in today’s legal market. The content will be led by well-recognized subject matter experts — consultants, graduate school professors, authors, etc. The sessions will combine pre-conference exercises, lecture, group discussion and collaboration, case studies, post-conference exercises and other adult learning concepts.  

So, what does this mean for the Regional Conferences?

While the Regional Legal Management Conferences delivered valuable education, the format and content closely mirrored that of ALA’s Annual Conference & Expo. Members have told us they are looking for new experiences that are forward-thinking and innovative, deep dive in-depth workshops, and more diverse education experiences across all our offerings. So, we’ve replaced our “mini Annual Conferences” with bold, innovative programs to better meet and exceed your needs.

ALA’s education content is focused on what you need to excel at your firm and as an individual in the legal management profession. There is an ALA education experience for you, no matter your time or budget needs.

2019 ALA Professional Development Calendar

March: ALA Summit Webcast Series #2
April 14–17: Annual Conference & Expo
April 18–19: Legal Lean Sigma Yellow Belt post-conference workshop
July 25–27:  Chapter Leadership Institute*
August/September: Large Firm Administrators Retreat
September:C4: The Legal Industry Conference
September 26-27: Intellectual Property Conference
October: ALA Leadership-Focused Conference
October: HR pre-conference workshop
November: ALA Summit Webcast Series #3

*Content focused on information and skills for effectively leading an ALA chapter. Ideal participants include Chapter Presidents-Elect, new chapter officers, current chapter officers who have not previously attended CLI and individuals interested in becoming a chapter officer.

We will continue to share details on these new events with you throughout the coming weeks! 

Contact with any questions.