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Session Volunteering

Join your fellow members.
Experience the conference behind-the-scenes.
Volunteer to be a Session Manager.

Here's all you need to do:

  • Complete the online form below.
  • Assist speaker as requested.
  • Welcome the session participants and introduce the speaker(s) — you will receive a short script and speaker bio for your introduction. You will also receive complete instructions via email.
  • Remember to wear your Session Manager ribbon.

Select your session preferences.

Multiple sessions?

Thank you for volunteering!


ALA Annual Conference & Exposition
Grapevine, April 14–17, 2019

Here’s what a few session managers have said:

Having the opportunity to volunteer as a session manager for my first time attending an ALA conference was a great way to immerse myself and get to know people outside my circle. I hope to always be afforded this fun way to meet new people and participate in the success of the conference, even in a small way. — Missy Brown, Pollara Law Group

ALA has given me the opportunity to volunteer as a session manager for several years now and, an opportunity to grow as a speaker myself. I’ve learned self-assurance, self-confidence and gained lots of courage! Because I’ve been willing to be in front of the room, I’ve met more members from around the country which has led to friendships and contacts from other states - something that would have never happened otherwise. Laura Whipple, Adams Stirling

I try to volunteer as a session manager at any conference I attend. ALA always needs people to run the meetings and anyone can be a session manager. I have also made lasting friendships with some of our speakers in the process.  It’s a great way to help out. Stephen C. Wolf, CPA, CLM, Deutsch Kerrigan, L.L.P.