Legal Management Annual Print Issue 

2019 Edition

Legal Management-2019 print edition-coverLegal Management’s third annual print edition features 24-plus pages of all-new content! Our cover story dives into design thinking for legal. Though not a new concept, legal is starting to look to this method as a way of bringing a new perspective to solving challenges that have traditionally been hard to tackle. You'll also find a feature about ALA's UPBMS, or Uniform Process Based Management System. See how this set of codes guided ALA's Job Description Toolkit. Other topics include:

  • ALA President James L. Cornell III thoughts on innovation 
  • Your Firm's Biggest Security Risk (Hint: It's You)
  • 3 Tips for Meeting Your Client's Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives 
  • Make Succession Planning Part of Your Strategic Plan

The publication is automatically mailed to all members, but you can also download it and share it from this site. Download the PDF.

2018 Edition

Legal Management_2018_coverLegal Management’s second annual print edition features 20-plus pages of all-new content! Besides a reprint of the continuing education course on trust accounting, it includes an original cover story on the impact of the #MeToo movement in law firms. The publication is automatically mailed to all members, and now you can download it and share it from this site. 

Other topics include:

  • ALA President April Campbell, JD on elevating ALA
  • 5 Steps to Increase Diversity and Inclusion in Your Organization
  • The "I" Word Almost All Law Firms Fear: Innovation
  • AI Aiming to Transform Legal

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2017 Edition

Legal Management Best of 2017_CoverLegal Management’s first annual print version featured some of our best content from the 2017 digital edition, including our CE course, "Confronting Addiction in the Law Firm." We also delved into the ALA Uniform Process Based Management System, or UPBMS. 

Other topics include:

  • ALA's Immediate Past President Gary T. Swisher II, CLM, on the things you're missing out on in Legal Mangement's digital version. 
  • What Kids Can Teach Lawyers About Diversity and Representation 
  • 10 Steps Every Law Firm Should Take to Protect Its Data

Download the PDF here!