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2020 Vision: The Future of Legal Services

This guide is designed to help law firm leaders assess the lay of the legal landscape, prepare for foreseeable change, and above all to position themselves so that they are ready to respond to the unseen challenges and opportunities ahead.

Edited by Laura Slater


Chapter 1: Seeing the future first – Analyzing strategic trends

Chapter 2: Beyond pricing – Legal services must learn to talk value

Chapter 3: Foretelling the future – The practice of law as it will be (Hint: Don’t be left out!)

Chapter 4: How can you stay ahead of your competition? Win more. Experience management is the answer

Chapter 5: The challenge of sharing leadership

Chapter 6: Legal project management – An opportunity for firms to gain a competitive advantage

Chapter 7: Legal revolution – The “future normal” and the changing nature of work

Chapter 8: Robot law

Chapter 9: Ten predictions regarding the future of larger law firms and large firm lawyers

Chapter 10: Looking for change in all the wrong places

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Blockchain and the Legal Profession

An in-depth look at the impact Blockchain will affect the legal profession, both in terms of how processes will change in the future, and the legal issues that lawyers will have to become aware of in an increasingly digital era.

  • Publication date: June, 2018
  • Pages: 100

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From Lawyer to Law Firm

Managing the business of practicing law should be as important to the lawyer as the practice of law itself. It is pivotal to the success or failure of a law practice. The lawyer who considers hanging his own shingle cannot appreciate all of the moving parts involved in managing a profitable law practice until he has actually done it. When you do venture out, on your own or in a partnership with others, you soon realize that there is much more to the business of practicing law than you ever expected. Everything about your law firm affects the most important asset that your law firm owns: the attorney/client relationship. In From Lawyer to Law Firm, we address the commercial aspects of practicing law that are unique to a law firm. During our combined 70+ years in the legal profession, we have both experienced situations which may seem unbelievable. No matter where you are in your legal career, authors Elizabeth Miller and Joryn Jenkins offer you guidance and insights based on those experiences that will help to ensure success for both you and your law firm.

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Job Description Toolkit

ALA's Job Description Toolkit was designed to assist legal management professionals and their employer organizations in drafting job descriptions using the ALA Uniform Process Based Management System (UPBMS) taxonomy classification/codes.

It provides a step-by-step guide for writing job descriptions, including sample job descriptions organized by the following areas: Administrative, Finance, Human Resources, Intellectual Property, Legal Support Services, and Marketing and Technology.

Features of this resource include:

  • A guide on creating job descriptions that apply the UPBMS taxonomy
  • A list of resources and tools to use when writing job descriptions
  • A sample of job descriptions using the UPBMS

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Lawscape 2025: Defining the Law Firm of Tomorrow

Lawscape 2025: Defining the law firm of tomorrow is an exploration of the biggest innovations, strategies, and disruptors that are set to change the face of legal practice.

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Legal Project Management: Control Costs, Meet Schedules, Manage Risks, and Maintain Sanity

There are many ways that legal projects can fail: they are never delivered (or what is delivered is off the mark and unusable); they go over budget; or they take months or years longer than expected. When issues like these arise, trust between customer and supplier, or client and law practice, is irrevocably broken. Every successful project has one common thread: effective project management.

This updated edition of Legal Project Management looks at the concepts of legal project management and demonstrates how to dramatically increase the odds of a project’s success through simple techniques. Author Steven B. Levy offers a project management framework designed from the ground up for legal practices and attorneys.

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Managing Legal Change Initiatives

Successfully managing a change initiative is no simple feat, regardless of the size of the firm – distilling the process of change into a workforce takes careful planning and support. Change is stressful and difficult for people to process and accept, as we often cling to what we know. This is especially true of lawyers, who are notoriously averse to change.

However, the legal sector has begun to rapidly transform – and the firms that don’t change with it are going to struggle to stay relevant. In these turbulent times for firms, change initiatives must be properly managed to ensure the whole firm can successfully shift to the new norm and stick to it. Without the proper support and management, a firm runs the risks of alienating their workforce – who will not take well to sudden and imposed change.

Managing Legal Change Initiatives looks to illustrate the best methods of introducing and managing change in a sector that is known for being adverse to it. The book highlights the critical obstacles and pitfalls that law firms will face during transitional periods, and outlines some of the best methods of approaching organizational change; from building a change framework to follow, to encouraging a shift in partner behavior through the compensation strategy. This new book also explores why change is so difficult for individuals – with discussion of the neuroscience behind change, and the role of emotional intelligence in leaders to help garner a transformation. 

With the disruptions to legal services predicted to continue for some time, it will be those firms who adapt, put into place, and act upon a change management strategy that will be the ones capitalize on changes to come.

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Past Compensation & Benefits Survey (2017)

As law firm staffing becomes even more competitive, legal professionals need current market intelligence to attract top talent. ALA's 2017 Compensation & Benefits Survey will include the most relevant benchmark data, including:

  • Associate Attorney and Summer Associate positions added
  • More staff positions, including specialists for eDiscovery, privacy and cybersecurity
  • Staffing ratios and office best practices
  • Firm size
  • Comparative salary and benefits nationally and locally with extensive local detail
  • Easy prior-year comparisons if you purchase the 2016 report
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Past Large Firm Key Staff Compensation Survey (2017)

As law firm staffing becomes even more competitive, legal professionals need current market intelligence to attract top talent. ALA's 2017 Large Firm Key Staff Compensation Survey includes the most relevant benchmark data, including:

  • Detailed compensation data for the high-level positions crucial to large law firms 
  • Data broken down by level of education, certifications, tenure in position, employment agreements, compensation basis, bonus criteria, geographic region, and numerous breakdowns based on firm size.
  • Staffing ratios and office best practices
  • Firm size
  • Easy prior-year comparisons if you purchase the 2016 report
*  Includes 2017 Compensation & Benefits Survey.

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Rise of the Legal COO

For law firms considering restructuring their business to meet the demands of a highly competitive market, hiring an experienced chief operations officer (COO) is sure to be a consideration.

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Study Guide for the CLM Exam

The Study Guide for the CLM Exam Practice Questions, Preparation and Reviews was designed to help you prepare effectively to earn the prestigious Certified Legal Manager (CLM)® credential. The study guide presents comprehensive information relating to the four functional areas covered in the exam, along with review questions and a 100-item practice exam.  

Features of this resource include:

  • A focus on real-world issues faced by legal managers
  • The CLM Content Outline of the Body of Knowledge (also known as the test blueprint)
  • Review questions and answers for each subject area
  • A practice exam that follows the test blueprint
  • A comprehensive list of terms and definitions
  • Tips for creating a personalized study plan
  • Tips for preparing for an online exam                                                  

Use the Study Guide for the CLM Exam Practice Questions, Preparation and Reviews as a complement and guide to your individual preparation or as a resource for your study group.

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