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Continuing Education Courses

Making Mental Health Matter, by James L. Cornell, III

Leading Through Change, by Brianna Leung

The Ever-Evolving World of Legal Ethics, by Steve Wingert, CLM

Confronting Addiction in the Law Firm, by Link Christin, JD, MA, LDC

Responding to a Request for Proposal: Time, Money, People and the Law, by Keith Hanson

Legal Management Articles

8 Strategies for Climbing the Law Firm Leadership Ladder

Beyond the Bar Exam: Competence Frameworks for Associate Development

Keep Your Firm’s Diversity Initiatives on Track in the New Year

Defining Your Staff’s Path for Development

We Are Not OK: The Syndemic Impacting Legal Community Well-Being

Diversity Efforts Also Must Include Development for Legal Support Staff

Fighting Change Fatigue

6 Tips for Designing Effective Associate Evaluations

4 Ways Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Helps Firms Prosper (and How to Achieve It)

Recruiting Revamp: How Benefits Can Help You Hire — And Keep — Top Talent

Tracking the Elusive Health Insurance Plan

Embracing a Holistic Approach to Employee Development

Recruiting Is Today’s Hottest Marketing Topic

Best Practices for Making Your Law Firm More Inclusive for People with Disabilities

People Science: The Missing Link in Performance Management

How an Internal Focus Fosters Growth

Engaging with Empathy: How to Help Employees Through Challenges

What Is ESG and Why Is It Important?

When Pandemic Effects Are Disproportionate, How Do We Move Forward?

The Big Quit

6 Tips for Creating a Healthier and Happier Workplace

How Legal Organizations Can Restructure Their Culture and Adapt to Changing Norms

Does Your Firm Know When It's at Risk of Losing Employees?

Finding Common Ground

Weed in the Workplace

6 Keys to Effective Paralegal Professional Development

Silence Is Not an Option

How to Tackle Unconscious Bias

Raising the Value of Employee Reviews

Under Wraps: How to Secure Proprietary Information When Staff Members Jump Ship

The State of the Summer Experience

Prioritize Employee Health for Your Firm's Financial Wellness

Problem Partners

Weighing in on COVID-19 Liability Waivers

HR Reference Library

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