Purpose of Certification

The CLM program allows a qualified legal management professional to demonstrate, through experience and coursework culminating in the examination process, a mastery of core areas of the body of knowledge identified as essential to the effective performance of a principal legal administrator.

Legal administration professionals must deal effectively with financial management and accounting, human resources management and development, office services management, information systems management, and trends in the legal industry. By completing the CLM process and attaining CLM certification, the legal professional will have demonstrated proficiency in these core areas.

Persons passing the CLM examination should have the depth and breadth of knowledge and management skills that would enable him or her to visit any 30- to 50-attorney law office, review practices and procedures, and be conversant about, and offer advice in, each of the areas listed in the Body of Knowledge without relying on others.

Benefits of Certification

Benefits of certification to the individual:

  • Increases knowledge of all areas of legal administration
  • Increases your value to your organization
  • Increases respect and recognition in the industry
  • Increases opportunity for upward mobility
  • Increases marketability and ability to compete in the job market
  • Increases remuneration and job benefits
  • Increases professional credibility

Benefits of certification to the employer:

  • Increases the level of competency of the individual to manage a law office or department
  • Encourages and improves job performance
  • Increases client confidence knowing the firm or legal department is being run by a certified professional
  • Provides opportunity to acknowledge an individual who has developed a high level of professionalism
  • Serves as an aid for retention and recruitment

Product Savings:

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