Competencies of Legal Administrators

In order to determine the competencies of legal administrators, ALA periodically conducts practice analysis studies. These studies identify the tasks and related knowledge, skill and other abilities (KSAs) required for exemplary day-to-day performance in the profession. They are important to legal management professionals because:

  • They document what is essential for successfully managing a law firm, including reassessing job requirements that may result from technological, societal, or regulatory changes.
  • They present a consensus of the people who do the work and others that are affected by it, such as employers.
  • They provide quantitative data that allows for comparisons among tasks and competencies.
  • They serve as the foundation for all of ALA's education and professional development programs.
  • They provide statistically valid data on which to base the Certified Legal Manager (CLM)® exam.

ALA conducted its first comprehensive national practice analysis of the legal management profession in 1995, with periodic updates since then. The latest study was completed in the fall of 2012.

The resulting 65 competencies are available: