Get Results of the Exam

After the Exam

Exam Scores
Understandably, waiting for your exam results is stressful, but rest assured, ALA makes every effort to process your test results as quickly as possible.

First, exams are scored by our independent consultants — Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO) — who provide each candidate a pass or fail exam report that indicates, by percentage, how well you did in each subject area.

Once the exams are scored by HumRRO, ALA’s Certification Center processes the individual notifications. All notifications are mailed to the candidates at their preferred address. In all, it takes about six to eight weeks after the exam date to receive notification. And of course, all exam and applicant information is handled with the strictest confidentially.

CLM Certificate of Certification 
When you pass the exam, a certificate and a lapel pin, which display your earned CLM designation, will be mailed to you approximately three to four weeks after the letter and exam report have been mailed.

Notification of Your Achievement When You Pass
Prior to the exam, you will receive a Release Form to complete informing us of who you would like notified that you have passed the exam.

These notifications are, of course, only sent when you pass. The Certification Center will notify those you have designated from the information you provided on this form. It may be a news release and/or a letter that notifies your superior(s) and/or chapter of your achievement.  If you do not wish information to be released to either your employer or chapter when you pass, we will of course honor that decision.

Failure to Pass the Exam  
If you do not pass the exam, you will receive notification via a letter that includes your exam report which again, reports how well you did in each subject by percentage of correct answers. By identifying your strengths and weakness this report can be helpful should you decide to undertake further study initiatives and/or retake the exam.

Remember:  You are allowed to retake the exam two times within a four year period. The fee for the second and third exam is $259 each. To sign up to retake the exam, you only need to send a letter of intent (include when and where), a copy of your exam report, and the $259 retake fee to the CLM Certification Center before the application deadline of the exam date and location you have chosen to retake your exam.

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