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The ALA Diversity Task Force originally developed the Diversity Toolkit to be used as a guide to assist in implementing and maintaining diversity initiatives in legal organizations. ALA's Committee on Diversity and Inclusion recently revised the Toolkit which is now interactive and designed to allow users to more seamlessly select which resources best fit their organization. The Toolkit is not a static product. It is reviewed annually by the ALA Committee on Diversity and Inclusion. It can be improved by additional resources, ideas, and the lessons of experience. Please feel free to send comments and suggestions to Teena Austin, ALA Headquarters staff liaison to the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion.  
Tools and Resources:
Progress Report
Diversity Speakers
Mentoring Guide

Whatever reasons lead your legal organization to develop and implement a diversity program, one thing remains consistent: Be prepared. Because the process is fluid and takes time, it is essential to provide forethought and to acquire support for the initiative at all levels of the organization. To stand the test of time, administrators must be proactive, plan ahead and establish the foundation for a diversity initiative that is flexible and reflective of their organization's unique culture.

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