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Studying for the Exam

Study Groups

Study methods for the exam vary, as do individual study techniques. Some find a Study Buddy. Others go it alone. Many join a chapter’s Study Group.

Interested in starting a CLM Study Group? Here are some tips:

Along with the potential resources, there are many ALA chapters forming study groups — be sure to check out ALA’s list of current CLM Study Groups. Shared knowledge, sample testing, and camaraderie among members are a few of the benefits of getting together with people who share a common goal.

If you need help forming your CLM Study Group, the following Study Group leaders have graciously offered their assistance:

Your business partners can also be an excellent resource for your CLM Study Group. They may either have speakers to offer, or know of speakers relevant to your topics. Additionally, they may be willing to sponsor programs or study groups, or provide the study group with a meeting location.

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