Working Remotely? Tips for Success



Our firm is allowing our team to work remotely. How can I demonstrate to my boss that my work ethic is just as strong as when we all were physically present in the office full time? Any tips for staying in the spotlight?



While it may take time for you to adjust, working remotely full time doesn’t have to limit future career advancement opportunities. Here are a few tips to increase your visibility to your supervisor and colleagues.


  1. Keep regular hours. While you may have more flexibility with your work hours, make sure you’re available to answer questions or respond to a request with a quick turnaround when everyone else is working. Since most legal jobs require team collaboration, try to observe office hours that match those of your coworkers. If you can’t be available during a large chunk of the day, give your boss and teammates a heads-up, set up your email to send out-of-office auto replies, and change your voice mail message.
  2. Maximize technology (but have Plan B ready). Make sure your Internet connection is fast and reliable. If your company doesn’t supply one, invest in a good smartphone with a generous data plan. Also, since residential services can go down, have a back-up plan in case there’s no signal on your mobile or if you can’t get online.
  3. See and be seen, even if remotely. Email and phone conversations are important but there’s something special about face-to-face meetings. Other options for staying in touch and improving legal project management include Skype (helpful if you have international colleagues or clients) and Microsoft Teams.
  4. Network with coworkers. Many companies use enterprise social media, and you can participate in the ongoing company dialogue to put your thoughts and ideas on the table. By using all channels of communication, you can make yourself heard and noticed, which is a key to getting ahead in a legal job.

By following these simple tips, you’ll increase your chances of staying in the spotlight and moving up the ladder.