Celebrate Your Legal Team (While Distanced)


How can I recognize and reward the members of my legal team if we aren’t able to meet in person this holiday season due to social distancing? 


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many law firms to change how they operate as they prioritize the safety of their staff. Many teams are still dispersed, with members working from home or alternating days in the office to maintain social distancing. 

This new reality has been stressful for workers, which makes it more important than ever to show them how much you appreciate their hard work and achievements this holiday season. You probably can’t celebrate their success in person. So, what else can you do? 

1. Make the celebration virtual 

Just because your team is working from home doesn’t mean you can’t have a holiday party. Use a videoconferencing platform like Zoom to host this year’s event. While it won’t feel the same as an in-person gathering, it will still provide an opportunity for staff to see one another and socialize. You can encourage team members to dress up in holiday attire, plan some virtual games like bingo and even host a virtual raffle. If appropriate, encourage team members to prepare their favorite snacks or beverages for themselves. 

2. Send them gift cards 

The holiday season is the perfect moment to give employees a small token of your appreciation. With everyone apart, gift cards are the perfect option. They can be mailed to your employees’ home addresses with a card and a kind word of thanks, or they can be sent electronically. Consider supporting local businesses or sending gift cards for a meal delivery service, which many people are using during the pandemic. 

3. Give them some extra downtime 

With the added stress of 2020, it’s important for employees to take time off and detach from work whenever they can. If your organization allows it, give your hardworking team members an extra day off or two. 

Everyone has had to do things a little differently this year, and the holiday season will be no exception. With a little extra thought and planning, you can make your legal team feel appreciated and help them end the year on a high note.