Coronavirus Response


ALA members, business partners and the legal community have reached out for information about how to handle the threat of coronavirus in the workplace. ALA is continuously monitoring authoritative public health and media threads in this ever-evolving landscape and will be pulling in reliable and relevant industry resources into this centralized location for your ongoing reference.

Please continue to check this webpage and even consider bookmarking it for easy reference as your needs arise. ALA members are also sharing resources in the Online Community. There is now a dedicated coronavirus discussion forum within the Online Community.

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ALA Webinars

FREE: The CARES Act and What It Means for Your Business
Available on-demand (originally aired April 6)

Learning objectives:

  • Classify the U.S. Small Business Administration loan options available to small businesses, including the Payment Protection Program and Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program.
  • Interpret the eligibility for the loans and the terms of the different loan programs.
  • Make use of guidance for preparing your loan application(s) and ensuring approval.

FREE: Flattening the Curve Without Flattening Your Employees and Company
Brought to you by VIP business partner iSolved HCM
Available on-demand (originally aired April 2)

Learning objectives:

  • Demonstrate how to execute/implement new requirements for family/medical leave, unemployment, paid sick leave, the Americans with Disabilities Act, equal opportunity employment, etc.
  • Illustrate eligibility requirements.
  • Outline the effective date of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.
  • Summarize key elements for employers.

FREE: The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Is Here. Now What?
Available on-demand (originally aired March 12)

Learning objectives:

  • Classify your business insurance and workers’ compensation coverage.
  • Identify risk management implications.
  • Demonstrate how to communicate and lead effectively in a crisis.

ALA Roundtables

ALA has introduced a free supportive initiative, ALA Roundtables. These member-centered virtual roundtables will allow members to share knowledge and commiserate over our rapidly changing environment.

Note: For more chapter-focused sessions, review the Chapter Leader Educational Series. The page features a schedule of upcoming conversations and recordings of past sessions.

Upcoming: COVID-19 Adapting to the New Normal — Preparing Your Office for Staff to Return
Friday, June 5, noon–1 p.m. Central
Register here to receive the Zoom link

The roundtable will be facilitated by Erica Fine and Angela Tyson, a member of the Capital Chapter.

On-demand: COVID-19 Adapting to the New Normal — Remote Working: Is It Here to Stay?
Originally aired May 29

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The roundtable was facilitated by Stacey J. Ransleben, CLM, a member of the Chapter Resource Team and the Houston Chapter, and Jessica L. VanTroost, a member of the Membership Development Committee and the Jacksonville Chapter. Here are some topics that were explored:

  • Alternative work-from-home options going forward
  • Office space/rental structure
  • Client response to law firms working from home

On-demand: COVID-19 Adapting to the New Normal with a Focus on Keeping Employees Engaged and Maintaining Firm Culture in a Virtual Workplace
Originally aired May 22

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The roundtable was facilitated by Denise Gaskin, PhD, MS, a member of the Professional Development Advisory Committee (PDAC), and Gail Reysa of the Greater Los Angeles Chapter. Here are some topics that were explored:

  • Using technology to build engagement
  • Maintaining firm culture with partially or fully remote staff

On-demand: COVID-19: Adapting to the New Normal with a Focus on PTO Policies and Potential Changes
Originally aired May 15

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The roundtable was facilitated by Elyssa A. Goldstein, CLM, PHR, SHRM-CP, and Audrey M. Serban of the New Jersey Chapter. Here are some topics that were explored:

  • How to handle an influx of paid time off (PTO) requests after returning to work
  • Whether you should consider reducing PTO for the year
  • Whether you should offer more flexible schedules for child and/or elder care reasons in lieu of PTO

On-demand: COVID-19: Adapting to the New Normal with a Focus on Implementing a Communication Strategy from the Change Management Process
Originally aired May 8

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The roundtable was facilitated by Dawn H. Anderson, JD, PHR, SPHR, of the Atlanta Chapter and Teresa J. Tipton of the Austin Chapter. Here are some topics that were explored:

  • Communicating the reason for change
  • Communicating the danger in not changing
  • Determining the right spokesperson for each audience
  • Ensuring consistent messaging

Resources mentioned in this Roundtable: "The ADKAR Model: Why It Works" and "Communication Checklist for Achieving Change Management," Prosci; "Leading Through Change," Legal Management

On-demand: COVID-19: Adapting to the New Normal with a Focus on Returning to the Workplace, Part 2
Originally aired May 1

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The roundtable was facilitated by Dawn H. Anderson, JD, PHR, SPHR, and Laura K. Waterman of the Atlanta Chapter. Here are some topics that were explored:

  • Re-entry of attorneys and paralegals
  • Employees that rely on public transit
  • Looking at space needs
  • Someone presents ill at work

On-demand: COVID-19: Adapting to the New Normal with a Focus on Returning to the Workplace, Part 1
Originally aired April 24

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The roundtable was facilitated by Louise M. Spinelli and Sarah A. DiChiara of the Western and Central New York Chapter. Here are some topics that were explored:

  • Planning process for re-entry
  • Phase-in return
  • Requirements to return to work
  • Policy to incorporate remote workers and/or other policy updates

On-demand: COVID-19: Adapting to the New Normal with a Focus on Financial Considerations
Originally aired April 17

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The roundtable was facilitated by Terri J. Oppelt, CLM, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, and Jennifer J. Bradshaw of the Greater Los Angeles Chapter. Here are some of the topics that were explored:

  • Paycheck Protection Program
  • SBA loans
  • Emergency loans
  • Summer programs

On-demand: COVID-19: Adapting to the New Normal with a Focus on Stress and Mental Health
Originally aired April 10

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The roundtable was facilitated by Veronica Sutton, SHRM-SCP, SPHR PHRca, and Ann S. Callahan, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, CLM, of the Puget Sound Chapter. Here are some of the topics that were explored:

  • How do we get a temperature check? With no or limited nonverbal cues, how can we assess the stress levels in our employee ranks?
  • How does stress manifest in behaviors? How do we assess these behaviors and when do we get involved personally vs. when do we encourage people to seek other resources?
  • What do we already know from dealing with other crisis situations? While not the same, are there tips to be had from other plans/experiences with extreme weather, other infectious diseases, fires, earthquakes, etc.?

On-demand: COVID-19: Adapting to the New Normal with a Focus on Operations
Originally aired April 3

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This roundtable was facilitated by Tara Ghannam Binge and Michelle Mahan Smith of the Puget Sound Chapter. Here are some of the topics that were explored:

  • What kind of communication or communication plan has been instituted in your firm to internally deal with the change in operations due to COVID-19?
  • How are you handling the day-to-day deliveries (e.g., standard mail, FedEx, coffee and refreshments for the office, etc.)?
  • What procedure have you put in place regarding handling internal self-reported cases of COVID-19?

ALA Publications

Legal Management Magazine

Leading Through Change
Now more than ever, legal managers will be asked to lead their firms through an unprecedented landscape. This continuing education (CE) course will explain how. (May issue)

Handle with Care
For employees who are struggling to help an ill parent or family member, employer-provided support can be a game changer. (May issue)

Working from Home? Here’s Your Cybersecurity Checklist
The realities of a remote workforce present new cybersecurity concerns for firms. (May issue)

In the New Era of Remote Work, What’s Your Best Technology Strategy?
These steps can help your firm handle the new work-from-home norm. (May issue)

Your Guide to the Temporary Rule on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act
This article provides an overview of the FFCRA. (May issue)

3 Takeaways About Leadership During Uncertain Times
In these extraordinary times, how you lead is more important than ever. (May issue)

Are We Really Prepared? The Critical Nature of Contingency Planning
These discussions may not be easy, but they are essential in creating a solid plan for life's "what ifs." (April issue)

The Top 5 Budget Items Law Firms Will Try to Slash in Response to COVID-19
What you should — and shouldn't — cut from your expenses, including membership in networks and associations like ALA. (April issue)

Surviving COVID-19
Read for tips about managing a healthy workforce and keeping your clients informed. (March issue)

Legal Management Talk Podcast

Wellness Strategies During the Pandemic with Lance Breger
Lance Breger, the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Infinity Wellness Partners, joined the podcast to talk about how to handle team-building, negative emotions and wellness as we deal with remote work and major stressors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus-Related IT and Remote Work Concerns with Michael Kemps
IT consultant Michael Kemps spoke about managing the remote workplace and keeping IT systems afloat as law firms and legal departments revise work-from-home policies in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

ALA Hangouts

ALA has introduced another new option to communicate member-to-member: ALA Hangouts with ALA member and moderator Susan K. Sawyer. As we find ourselves working digitally in new ways, let's make the most of this technology to connect, ask questions, identify challenges, share great ideas and support one another. Please join in!

Click here to find recordings from past Hangouts. And click here to fill out a form to receive the Zoom link for the next Hangout.

  • Tuesday, June 2, at 1 p.m. Central
  • Tuesday, June 9, at 1 p.m. Central
  • Tuesday, June 16, at 1 p.m. Central
  • Tuesday, June 23, at 1 p.m. Central
  • Tuesday, June 30, at 1 p.m. Central

Small Firm Meetups

Small Firm Meetups will occur weekly via Zoom on Wednesdays at 2 p.m. Central. They are moderated by Patricia Carrera, Esq. CAE, CKM, CPLP, ALA's Senior Director of Member Experience and the staff liaison to the Professional Development Advisory Committee.

June 3 Meetup

Register here to receive the Zoom link.

May 27 Meetup

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May 20 Meetup

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May 13 Meetup: Workplace Reopening and Cleanliness

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Resources shared during this meeting included:

May 6 Meetup: Brainstorming Topics and Workplace Reopening

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Curated Resources from Around the Web

Prevention Resources

Business Continuity Resources

Podcast: What Should Law Firms Do To Prepare for a Possible COVID-19 Epidemic?, The Geek in Review

COVID-19, U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

ALA Sample Business Recovery Plan, ALA Reference Library

As Coronavirus Spreads, Prepare Infectious-Disease Plans, SHRM

Staying Afloat When Disaster StrikesLegal Management

Cancellations, Crisis Planning and Clorox: COVID-19 Strikes Legal

Coronavirus Preparedness Kit, Agility Recovery

  • Business partner Agility Recovery is offering ALA members a free preparedness checklist and a free coronavirus preparedness tabletop exercise, which they can use to game out responses.
  • The company also has a on-demand webinar, Coronavirus and Pandemic Planning: Protect Your People and Operations, that is free to view. Agility's Mark Norton covered how organizations can better prepare for pandemics like coronavirus and immediate next steps to take; there was also a Q&A session.

Recovery/Returning to Work Resources

Back to the Office: Return Strategies for the Workplace and Office Buildings, Gensler

Re-occupancy Assessment Tool, The American Institute of Architects

Reopening: Guidance for General Office Settings, American Industrial Hygiene Association

Back to Work Safely mini-website, American Industrial Hygiene Association

How do parents return to work without available child care?, Workforce

How to Create a Healthy Building for Returning Employees, SHRM

Bringing Them Back: Questions for HR from Returning Workers, SHRM

COVID-19: Implications for law firms, McKinsey

Sample Return-to-Work Survey for Small and Midsize Firm Employees

Sample Return-to-Work Survey for Large Firm Employees

Safe Reopening Plan template, City of San Diego

Recovery Readiness, Cushman & Wakefield

Post COVID-19 Normal? and Post COVID-19 Normal? Part 2 - Reopening, Altman Weil

When and How to Reopen After COVID-19, Resolve to Save Lives (Vital Strategies)

Managing The Big Risk Of Bringing Your Employees Back To Work, Chief Executive

Revise Policies to Facilitate Return to Work, SHRM

Getting Back to Work in the Coronavirus World: What Is the New ‘Business as Usual’?, Furia Rubel Communications, Inc.

The post-pandemic workplace will hardly look like the one we left behind, The Washington Post

This is the end of the office as we know it, Vox Recode

What You Should Know About COVID-19 and the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act, and Other EEO Laws, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

EEOC Addresses ‘Return to Work’ Issues and Clarifies ‘Undue Hardship’ in New Guidance on COVID-19 and Antidiscrimination Laws, The National Law Review

When Crisis Calls: How Lawyer Leaders Are Responding to COVID-19, The Tilt Institute

Layoffs, furloughs, pay cuts, etc.:

Workplace business partners suggested by ALA members:

ALA does not endorse any single business partner and cannot vouch for what these companies have in stock.

Summer associate programs:

Remote Work Resources

Combatting "Zoom fatigue"
Electronic Notary Resources
Many members have asked questions regarding electronic notaries. The National Notary Society has all the information by state. There are quite a few companies that can assist in this regard, too. Here is a list of those entities:
The National Notary Association has documented states’ emergency actions on remote notarization. Note that requirements differ from state to state — for instance, Maryland not only mandates an audio-visual recording of the notarization act but deems platforms like Skype or Facetime insufficient. So you may need a communication vendor as well.
ALA also recommends checking the Legal Marketplace to find business partners who offer this service, or talking with your local chapter business partners as they may offer this service, too. Members have also discussed their experiences in the Online Community.

How to Keep Your Zoom Chats Private and SecureWired

How to Prevent Zoom-BombingPC Mag

Coronavirus-Related IT and Remote Work Concerns with Michael Kemps, Legal Management Talk

    The Internet is drowning in COVID-19-related malware and phishing scams, Ars Technica

    Videoconferencing Resources, Zoom Blog

    FREE: The Flexible Law Firm: Is Your Practice Ready to Embrace a Work-from-Home Program?, ALA Solutions Series webcast sponsored by Zola Suite


    Business Partner Resources

    ALA members know their business partners are a valuable resource. In these unprecedented times, they remain here for you and your firms. They have essential information about how to handle the impact of coronavirus on the workplace, ranging from payment processing and cyber risk management to telemedicine and personal protection equipment (PPE).

    Visit the Business Partner Resources for Members page to discover some of the ways that your business partners can assist in this ever-evolving landscape.