Message from the Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair


The Committee on Diversity and Inclusion aims to advance and expand diversity and inclusion (D&I) of underrepresented groups in the Association, legal practice environments and ALA constituent organizations. We will accomplish this by acting as champions for and providing thought leadership in diversity and inclusion, increasing awareness of and sensitivity to the desirability of differences within our workforce, providing high-level and focused diversity education at all ALA conferences and chapter programs, developing and providing a broad inventory of tools and resources, and by striving to achieve greater diversity within the association. By 2020, ALA strives to be the primary resource for all diversity practitioners within the business of law. The Committee will utilize the processes outlined in its Measurements of Success (included at the end of this document).

Our strategic plan covers three areas of focus:

1. Providing Education

  • Diversity and Inclusion Overview Brochure
  • Ongoing resources through social media and the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion webpage
  • Chapter presentations
  • National, Regional and CLI Conferences

2. Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

  • Promote participation at diversity and inclusion events offered by ALA
  • Provide CLM credits for participation at ALA diversity and inclusion workshops
  • Encourage volunteerism
  • Attract a diverse slate of candidates for committee membership

3. Achieving Diversity and Inclusion in ALA Chapters

  • Promote the formation of Diversity and Inclusion Committees within each ALA Chapter
  • Build alliances with outside organizations

Rita F. Garrett
Chair, ALA Committee on Diversity and Inclusion
Office Administration
Kutak Rock LLP