Defining Our Identity

Brand Positioning Statement Survey

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ALA is continuing to move forward on its 2017–2020 Strategic Plan and the Defining Our Identity initiative, aimed at developing a clear, compelling and well-recognized organizational identity. We are currently at Step 5 within the initiative’s strategic plan: "Solicit Membership Input on Brand Positioning Redirection."

To date, numerous discussions, focus groups and surveys have been used to gather input from multiple audiences, including:

  • At the 2017 Annual Conference & Expo, attendees shared what ALA means to them through six focus groups and whiteboard towers stationed in the Exhibit Hall.
  • In July 2017, an online survey deployed to all members gathered large-scale data and information on ALA’s current and future identity. Nearly 1,300 responses were received, representing roughly 15 percent of the membership.
  • Through January 2018, more than 28 chapters conducted word cloud exercises and provided their data for inclusion.
  • In February 2018, an online survey went to more than 12,000 nonmembers within the legal industry.

ALA staff used this cumulative quantitative and qualitative feedback to develop three variations of potential brand positioning statements.

What is a Brand Positioning Statement?

Before we go further, it is important to quickly define what exactly is a brand positioning statement.

Brand positioning statements are often confused with company taglines or slogans, or brand identity. A brand identity is your look and feel. And it actually comes after your brand positioning.

Brand positioning is all about fit — how you fit in your industry and how you fit in the mind of your customer. Successful brand positioning results in customers who know what you do and why you are different from the rest.

Why do we need a Brand Positioning Statement?

Positioning statements are for internal use and help you make key decisions that affect your customer’s perception of your brand (a unique impression in the customer’s mind so that the customer associates something specific and desirable with your brand that is distinct from rest of the marketplace).

This statement guides the operating and marketing decisions of your business — it acts as a filter to ensure that all aspects of your organization are consistent and aligned.

Once your brand positioning statement is set, elements such as your organization's name, products, marketing, content, etc. are measured through it, potentially identifying elements that need changes or adjusting to fit your positioning.

We need your feedback!

With that bit of context, we want your feedback on each of three potential brand positioning statements that could be used to steer the direction of our Association.

Get started by clicking the link below. The survey should take approximately 10–15 minutes to complete.