Business Partner Relations Project Team

Description: The Project Team works to facilitate communication, provide resources for feedback, and to emphasize the interdependence that exists among business partners, ALA members, their employers and the Association at all levels.

Committee Size: 9

Term: 2 years

Appointments per year: Varies

In-Person Meetings / Expectations: Must also be able to participate in at least monthly teleconference meetings.

Eligibility: The Project Team seeks ALA Members and Business Partners who have engaged at the chapter and national levels and understand the strategic plan set forth by ALA. Preference may be given to members who have served as Chapter Business Partner Relations Chair, Chapter President or Business Partner Relations Officer. While not required, preference may also be given to those who have attended and/or exhibited at an ALA conference and to those who demonstrate they can see “the big picture.” 

Call for volunteers: Fall 

Selections made: Winter 

ALA Headquarters Liaison:  April Campbell, JD

Current Project Team Roster