Organizational Pricing Model FAQS 


What is organizational pricing?

Organizational pricing is an optional flat-fee dues structure based on the worldwide number of attorneys at an organization. The model allows an organization to have unlimited eligible employees from multiple locations join ALA for a flat fee. Each employee’s membership is an individual membership.

How will attorney count be validated?

Upon initial enrollment in organizational pricing, an organization will indicate their attorney count to ALA. During annual renewals, the organization may be asked to provide confirmation of the current attorney count. ALA reserves the right to audit the attorney count.

What about international employees?

Organizational pricing is based on attorney count. Employees at all offices within the organization, regardless of location, are eligible to be members under the organization.

When will organizational pricing take effect?

Organizational pricing was launched to all members in the fall of 2020. A select number of law firms participated in the preliminary Phase 1 that began late in 2019 and assisted ALA in finalizing systems and processes.

Is the organization the member now?

No, the individual is still considered the member and has the same voting rights as they do now.

Will all the employees of an organization automatically become a member?

No, a primary contact for each organization will manage its roster, notifying ALA when a covered employee leaves and inviting newly eligible employees to enroll. Individuals who join ALA and are employed by a participating organization will be provisionally added to the organization's roster with notifications sent to the member and the organization's primary contact.

Will ALA target employees at my organization to try to get them to join?

No, ALA will not recruit employees from an organization that chooses this flat-fee dues structure. If an employee finds ALA on their own and applies for membership, ALA will not deny their membership if they are eligible and will provisionally add them to the organization's roster with notification to the primary contact.

Will dues be prorated for partial-year enrollment?

No, but from time to time ALA may introduce a promotional price.

How does membership enrollment occur with organizational pricing?

Before becoming an ALA member for the first time, an individual should verify whether their employer is already enrolled in organizational pricing. If the employer is, the individual will apply for membership under the organization, via the primary contact. If the employer is not set up with organizational pricing, the individual may apply for organizational pricing on behalf of the employer (as authorized) or choose individual member pricing.

Will someone from the organization be responsible for managing their company roster?

Each organization will identify one member to have elevated rights and act as the primary contact, and may identify one additional contact to manage the annual dues billing. The primary contact will be asked to update their attorney count and membership roster on a regular basis, and invite new employees to join ALA. They will also have the right to flag a member in their organization if they are no longer with the organization. This will allow ALA to make the necessary adjustments to the profile of the member.

Will this dues model allow a greater number of support staff such as legal administrative assistants (LAAs) to join ALA?

Anyone with an interest in legal management may join ALA, unless they hold a business partner-eligible role within the industry. We likely will not see many LAAs join ALA unless they are in a supervisory role or are working toward becoming a manager. Small firms may have an individual who is in a dual firm administrator and LAA role. The organization's primary contact is responsible for managing the roster and informing ALA on its membership.

Are members allowed to enroll or renew independent of an organization?

Yes, eligible individuals may choose individual membership if they prefer, or do not have access to organizational pricing, or if their employer is not participating in organizational pricing.

How will ALA chapters be notified of a new qualified member organization and/or a new individual member enrollment?

ALA chapters will continue to receive notification from ALA after a member joins ALA through individual or organizational pricing. Chapter membership is always optional and is not included as part of the organizational pricing program. 

What benefits and opportunities may ALA members and their organizations expect with organizational pricing?

Bundled organizational pricing for other ALA products and services are under consideration. Additionally, the model will present an opportunity for organizations to develop a talent pipeline — by identifying promising individuals in-house and encouraging them to join ALA to supplement their training and development.

Is ALA membership portable under the organizational pricing model?

Yes, ALA membership is portable under the organizational pricing model for both the organization and the individual member. Should an individual leave their employer, the organization retains unlimited additional membership slots and may encourage additional individuals to apply at any time. The departing individual would also retain their ALA membership through the end of the calendar year, in the event they do not immediately transition to another enrolled organization.

I am concerned that individuals who directly report to me will become members and I will not be able to be as candid during meetings.

We understand the need to continue to provide value to individuals in higher-level positions in law firms. We will continue to look for ways to provide opportunities and education specifically for them, and we will encourage chapters to do the same. An example may be to have special interest groups for different specialty positions.