Business Partner Resources for Members


As ALA members, you know your business partners are a valuable resource. In these unprecedented times, they remain here for you and your firms. They have essential information about how to handle the impact of coronavirus on the workplace. Below are some of the ways that your business partners can assist in this ever-evolving landscape.

Please continue to check this webpage and even consider bookmarking it for easy reference as your needs arise. For more general legal management resources for COVID-19-related issues, visit the coronavirus response page.


Working Remotely

Adapt and Innovate: Tips for Operating a Virtual Law Practice During the Pandemic, Concord Law School, Purdue University Global
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed how law firms operate for the foreseeable future. Lori Tripoli, professor at Concord Law School and longtime remote worker, discusses how lawyers can still appropriately market themselves to clients during these times and how they can best adapt their law practice virtually going forward.
Law Firm’s Adaption to Remote Working, Loeb Leadership
  • Summary: Loeb Leadership conducted a brief online survey to understand the degree to which law firms were adapting to a remote work environment, challenges to individuals and which soft skills would best support people's needs at this time. 
  • Respondents: Over 200 invitations were sent to managing partners, partners, associates, and business services staff and leaders to participate — including many from Am Law 100 and Am Law 200 firms. 
Remote Operations Cybersecurity Checklist, The Scarlett Group
  • The sudden shift to remote operations left many organizations unprepared for the realities of a 100% remote workforce. Although many industries have been trending towards remote-only over the past decade, the global emergency caused by COVID-19 has been an unexpected catalyst for rapid change.
Remote Support: The Lawyer's Help Desk: Konica Minolta
  • The Lawyer’s Help Desk™ is an exclusive legal IT remote support service from All Covered, built to empower today’s mobile workforce. Our engineers, who are available on-call at your service, understand that time matters and will maximize your time with fast one-on-one legal support service so you’re not spending your billable hours waiting on hold. Consider our help desk an outsourced extension of your legal practice. The engineers on staff have supported real-world law firms so they understand the nuances of legal technology and have managed teams specializing in law firm IT support.


5 Tips for Law Firm Success, LawPay
  • Thanks to advances in technology and a seemingly limitless number of real-time communication channels, the options for and success of remote working have exploded over the past five years. While some fields and professions have embraced these changes more than others (think engineering), professional service providers, including lawyers, haven’t been as quick to adopt remote working practices.

Cash Reimbursements

Cash Reimbursements, First American 
  • Firms currently are concerned about their cash position and some firm’s aren’t billing for March’s work until April. Cash reimbursement is a way to put cash back on the books for a project already completed so firms can continue to operate.


Legal Cloud, Konica Minolta
  • As we embrace a remote work environment at rapid scale, events like COVID-19 remind us just how important it is to plan ahead. With solutions like the All Covered Legal Cloud, your organization can benefit from a highly available, secure and scalable hosted infrastructure. Rather than purchasing on-site servers, costly data center space and additional network equipment, All Covered removes your infrastructure management challenges, decreases capital expenses and allows your firm to focus on servicing your clients.


Visual Image Building Enterprises, VIBE
  • Communication and staying connected with your clients and community during this time is more important now than ever to continue to stay top of mind. Visual Image Building Enterprises, or VIBE, a VIP business partner with ALA, is helping members and their firms keep that connection alive with Video Messages, a service that helps your firm provide information and helpful content virtually to your clients.
  • To learn more about Video Messages, VIBE Founder Rich Wilson describes how you can still have professional quality videos without having to have a video crew travel to you in this video.


Coronavirus Preparedness Kit, Agility Recovery
  • Business partner Agility Recovery is offering ALA members a free preparedness checklist and a free coronavirus preparedness tabletop exercise, which they can use to game out responses.
  • The company also has a on-demand webinar, Coronavirus and Pandemic Planning: Protect Your People and Operations, that is free to view. Agility’s Mark Norton covered how organizations can better prepare for pandemics like coronavirus and immediate next steps to take; there was also a Q&A session.

COVID-19 Employer Toolkit, isolved
  • At isolved, we want to help our customers manage the COVID-19 situation as effectively as possible. This page is updated regularly with the latest information and how it relates to employers. You can utilize these resources to manage your response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cyber Risk Management

How to Limit your Cyber Risk, INVISUS

INVISUS is an ALA VIP Business Partner specializing in cyber risk management and identity theft protection.

Risk Management for Law Firms, Allied World 


Guide to working remotely, Comparitech
  • Millions more people worldwide will be working remotely during the coronavirus pandemic and one important issue that isn’t really being discussed is cybersecurity.
  • More specifically how employees can continue their work securely from the safety of their home. Here is some advice on this covering all aspects of cybersecurity whilst working remotely.

Cybersecurity and Tech Support Services for Remote Workers, INVISUS
  • A safe and productive remote work environment starts with expert security and technical support services available on-demand. With cyber criminals targeting stay-at-home workers, it’s vital to make sure your computer(s) and mobile devices are secured, free of malware, and running like new.
  • Our iCare service plans are designed to support remote workers and the business efficiently and affordably.


Managing Deposition Business Through Disruption, Barkley Court Reporters

The Barkley team is fully operational and has successfully assisted many firms in conducting remote depositions. Due to increased demand, Barkley is offering a free webinar, Taking Depositions Remotely. The webinar covers: 

  • Options for taking depositions remotely
  • How remote deposition technologies differ   
  • Tips for taking depositions remotely

Additionally,  once your deposition is set, we provide a complimentary personalized training session before your deposition to review all your technology needs.

Conducting Your Remote Deposition, First Legal Depositions

During these uncertain times, First Legal Depositions is here to help you navigate your remote deposition needs. We know trying something new can feel daunting, so we created a quick video to share our remote deposition tips such as:

  • 1:1 Demos/Q&A Sessions
  • Pre-day testing for all participants, including your witness
  • A professional videographer monitoring your entire deposition

We’re here to answer all your questions! To schedule your personal Q&A session right away, email us at& [email protected].

Electronic Court Notice Workflow

Electronic court flow, ECFX
  • To help firms cope with the increased volume now or when the spike comes ECFX is now offering our Quick Start – COVID-19 program allowing firms to process all court notices for up to 200 cases at no charge for 90 days. The ECFX Quick Start program is a fully remote install and can have you up and running in just days. Click the link above to receive more information about the program.


COVID-19 Resource Center, Ahern Insurance
  • AHERN has a lot of valuable resources on our Resource Center regarding COVID-19. There are resources regarding potential insurance coverage implications, benefits/human resources, operations/business planning & continuity, as well as news about cyber risks due to working remotely and government updates/policy notices.
  • We have also added some free on-demand webinars that speak to some of the developments affecting employers from a human resources and benefits compliance perspective.

Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care Update, LTC Solutions
  • Are your employees worried about paying long-term care premium during this uncertain time? We’ve worked with each carrier to determine their flexibility with premium payments during COVID-19. Exceptions will vary by carrier. Contact LTC Solutions at [email protected] and we can help you determine how your LTC carrier is handling the situation.


The Lexis Practice Advisor Journal, LexisNexis
  • Employers Begin Confronting Their Obligations as Coronavirus Spreads
    Unfortunately, coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted nations across the globe, posing real threats to individuals and businesses alike. In the United States, most employers have begun confronting issues in the workplace concerning risks to their employees. Read more about how to reduce those risks by taking careful measures, such as suspending all nonessential business travel and establishing and posting clear workplace health and safety policies.

Payment Processing

Cash Flow During COVID-19, LawPay

Cash Flow during COVID-19: How Law Firms are Adjusting, LawPay

  • Explore how law firms are using online payment solutions to maintain cash flow and help their clients during this unprecedented crisis.
  • LawPay is proud to be the ALA’s Exclusive VIP Partner for payment processing.
  • Special offer available to ALA members.

Electronic Payments, Clientpay
  • Law firms all over the world have accelerated plans to digitize operations as stay-at-home orders and fears of spreading the novel coronavirus have kept workers away from the office.
  • We asked Butzel Long’s Audit Manager, Kimberly Zortman, about her team’s work to support clients and make payments happen as they adjust to current conditions.


 Airmail2, DocSolid
  • In response to the COVID-19 crisis, DocSolid has developed Airmail2, an application providing Paper2Digital delivery of daily mail and document requests to home workers using a law firm’s existing document management system.
  • Airmail 2 is a cloud hosted service so it involves minimal resources, time and costs. This makes it a feasible solution considering the current operational challenges firms face.
  • Paper2Digital delivery of daily mail and matter file documents is necessary to keep a legal practice productive for home workers. This intense, new requirement is available now for ALA members and DocSolid’s existing Postmark or KwikTag Legal customers.

Personalized Protection Equipment (PPE)

PPE, Allstate Legal 

ALL-STATE LEGAL is here to help during these unprecedented and challenging times. ASL understands the urgent need for health and wellness items for both short and long term strategies as you plan to reopen your offices.

ASL has the capability and supply chain to provide several solutions to save your firm time and effort for needed personal protective equipment (PPE) and cleaning/sanitizing supplies.

Employee Health & Wellness Kits

A pre-packaged kit with hand sanitizer, masks and gloves.  

Click here to learn more

Bulk Orders for PPE for the Firm Stockroom Environment

Individual hand sanitizers, masks, gloves and other PPE.  

Click here to view items

Please contact Brandon Miller at [email protected] or Vicki LaBarge at [email protected] for more information or with any other needs or consultation. Our Florida customers and OTS LEGAL customers should contact OTS LEGAL at [email protected]

PPE, West Coast Business Solutions

We are pleased to offer critical PPE and Health & Wellness Office Essentials at LOW PRICES to help to keep your business compliant and your employee’s safe.

Items include:

ü  hand sanitizers

ü  disposable gloves

ü  face masks

ü  disinfectant wipes/sprays

ü  non-contact infrared digital thermometers

ü  face shields

ü  sneeze guards 

ü  touchless hand soap/sanitizer dispensers

Visit our PPE Shop at, call us at 818-991-2050 or email your requirements to [email protected]






How UPS is responding to the Coronavirus, UPS
  • UPS is closely monitoring the impact of the Coronavirus and we want to make sure that you are kept up-to-date on what we are doing to keep ALA members like you safe while continuing to deliver around the world. For the latest updates, please visit this web page.
  • Need to ship, visit our ALA VIP webpage. Have questions about your Shipping Savings Program? Call 1-800-MEMBERS (636–2377), M–F: 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Eastern Time.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Frequently Asked Questions, Teladoc
  • If you think you have COVID-19, “seek medical care. You should call ahead before you go to a doctor’s office or emergency room. Teladoc doctors can answer questions about the disease, evaluate your risk, and provide support by a phone or video to help relieve symptoms for affected patients.”
  • Teladoc is a VIP business partner with ALA, so members can access the company’s services at a special price. Your organization’s insurance provider may also have a telehealth option.
  • Learn more about telemedicine, Teladoc in particular and how to take part with this video from GLJ Benefit Consultants' Alan Wilson.

Video Business Meetings

7 Tips To Improve Your Video Business Meetings, First American
  • Video meetings are a way to interact with clients, and with more firms working remotely First American would like to share their expertise. 

Virtual Education

    Virtual Symposium - People and Productivity: Quick Hit Series, Affinity Consulting 

    Affinity Consulting Group invites you to register for this series of 6 mini-sessions designed to provide solutions to specific PRODUCTIVITY challenges we're all seeing right now -- and beyond! Affinity experts will give you quick, practical recommendations in 20-minutes or less to make you more productive immediately. You'll walk away with actionable, quick hits to apply to your daily work. June 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25 from 12:00pm to 12:20pm EDT each day.


    • Tuesday, June 16 -- Dealing with Email Overload
    • Wednesday, June 17 -- Managing Dictation in a Digital World
    • Thursday, June 18 -- Stop Arm Wrestling with Word Formatting
    • Tuesday, June 23 -- How to be a Productive Remote Work Team
    • Wednesday, June 24 -- Managing and Tracking Work Assignments
    • Thursday, June 25 -- The Secret to Having a Productive Day

    Get signed up here — and please, share it with others in your firm, any friends/colleagues, and share on social media!

    Affinity Insight — FREE FOR 60 DAYS, Affinity Consulting

    Affinity Consulting is making our online training subscription service available at no charge for 60 days. In case you didn't already know, Affinity Insight is our new membership program that makes it easier than ever to bring the deep expertise of Affinity’s technology trainers to everyone in your firm. We wanted to do the right thing to help our ALA friends and the legal industry move forward even in challenging times by making our service available free of charge for the next couple months.

    Click to sign up for a 2–month free trial for the Affinity Insight Plus subscription, effective immediately. You will not be charged until 2 months after your sign-up date — no coupon code needed. Click HERE if you'd like more information about Affinity Insight.

    Business Partner Contributions 
    ALA encourages its business partners to submit timely and relevant information regarding coronavirus and its impact on the industry. Any business partner interested in content submissions should email April Campbell, ALA Executive Director.